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Melissa Joan Hart: The Main Witch of the 90's

This blond beauty in an instant became an idolfor a multimillion audience of teenagers. And all thanks to the youth comedy series "Sabrina is a little witch". It is unlikely that there will be someone who, from the distant 90's, does not remember a student who discovered new abilities, her talking cat and two good-natured aunt-witches. Melissa Joan Hart, biography and her best film work - is the focus of our article.

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Simple American

The future star of the screen was born in New York ina family that has nothing to do with acting. This she will be an actress-pioneer, and at a very young age. In four years Melissa became the face of the company of children's bathing accessories. The swarthy little angel's face attracted the producers, and in 1985 Melissa Joan Catherine Hart flashed in an episode of two TV series - "Cain and Abel" and "Equalizer." Actor's game accompanies the girl throughout her life's journey. Combining studies in high school, Hart manages to star in "Christmas Snow" and in the series "Are you afraid of the dark?". The latter, by the way, became the first film in the genre of teenage horror stories in her career. Becoming a professional actress, Melissa chose a different direction - a comedy.

The unsuccessful writer

The girl entered the university of her native city andbegan to study art, literature and foreign languages. To the surprise of her fans, then Melissa Joan Hart did not dream of conquering the screen at all. She saw herself as a city journalist covering the most important events in New York. However, these dreams had to be postponed for an indefinite period, when the horizon prompted the proposal to get a major role in the new series.

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The Nickelodeon channel created a show for teenagers.An ordinary high school student was required, which could reveal an image of the same simple girl as there were thousands of American schoolgirls. Possessing, moreover, the amazing ability to charge spectators with energy and make them smile, Melissa Joan Hart easily got a role. The series "Clarissa knows everything" was broadcast from 1991 to 1994. In Russia, the show was held in 1998.

Home screen girl

The series talked about Clarissa Darling and her family.All the experiences and difficulties faced by the teenage girl, she told the camera, creating an open dialogue with the viewer. In 1995, a full-length film was released, based on the eponymous series. By that time, Melissa Joan Hart had already received her first portion of glory. As a guest star, she appeared in the show "The Touch of an Angel" and "The Guy Knows the World". Not departing from the image of a domestic girl, the actress played a major role in the comedy "Meeting the family."

After the end of "Clarissa" studio HallmarkEntertainment engaged in the development of a new project, telling about the 16-year-old Sabrina, who discovered that she was a hereditary witch. Of course, good, because the show was again designed for a teenage audience. And again the creators in the image of the main character saw Melissa. Without burdening itself with the long production of the whole series, the company first produces the eponymous film, which is the background of the future show. Positive feedback from the audience determined a further fate - in 1996, Melissa Joan Hart signed a contract to participate in seven seasons "Sabrina - a Little Witch".

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Life after magic

The long-term project ended in 2003.He exhausted himself. In addition, the actress has matured significantly and was no longer the same young careless witch from the first seasons. During this period, "Sabrina goes to Rome" and "Sabrina under water", produced by Melissa. Not wishing to say goodbye to the beloved heroine, in 1999 the actress took part in the soundtrack of the animated series.

While "Sabrina" was walking along the screens, Hart did notwas sitting with her arms folded. Her record includes a large number of youth paintings. In this genre, Melissa Joan Hart felt most confident. The filmography of the actress includes such pictures as "Mary must be silent," "Drive me crazy," "Through the storm," "Needful links." She also starred in the comedy "Can not wait," but the scenes were cut, and her name was not mentioned in the credits.

The first film after "Sabrina" was a criminalAction movie "Reverse move." In 2003, comedic melodrama "Rent Control" was released, where Hart's partners were Ryan Browning and Carmen Electra. A year later, the actress appeared in the series "North Shore" and voiced a spy Emily from the cartoon "Robotsyp." In the first half of the new century, Melissa played in a number of good pictures: "Holidays in handcuffs", "Whisper of the Island", "Nine in the list of the dead", "Fake wedding." In 2009 she became a member of the project "Dancing with the Stars", but did not last long in the show.

Melissa Joan Hart filmography

The subsequent career

Returning to cable TV servedsitcom "Melissa and Joey." The actress again felt all the taste of her favorite genre. The series talked about a young woman politician forced to hire a male nurse to look after the children of her sister. Gradually, between the characters there is sympathy, they become friends, learn to solve common family problems. Melissa Joan Hart acted as executive producer, her partner was Joseph Lawrence.

The show liked the audience, bringing goodmemories of the matured Sabrina and the classics of the sitcom "Friends." At the moment, filmed four seasons of the series. In 2011, Hart played the owner of the bar in the tape "Satin", and three years later she tried herself as a director. True, her picture of "Santa Con" on the Russian screen and did not hit.

Personal life helps to stay on top

In 2003, Melissa officially married with musician Mark Wilkerson, their acquaintance took place a year earlier. The couple had three sons.

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Combining shooting and doing productionthe activities of her current creation "Melissa and Joey," Melissa Joan Hart (photo actress presented in the article) does not forget about always looking good. She repeatedly got on the covers of glossy publications, where she told that close people and loved work help her feel needed. Well, creative success to you, Melissa!


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