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The TV series "One Night of Love": actors and description

A multi-part project entitled "One nightlove "is an amazing combination of melodrama, detective and historical novel. It's about the difficult fate of the fragile girl Alexandra, who from the familiar environment gets into the whirlwind of metropolitan existence. From this moment, events that play an important role in her life begin.

In the series "One Night of Love" actors, both of themrespond television viewers, beautiful outwardly and beautifully reflect the era of the 19th century with their game. In addition, chic costumes, landscapes and heart-rending scenes beckon to watch each series to the end.

Story line

The film tells about the eighteen-year-olda girl named Sasha Zabelina. She is a noblewoman, but her family went bankrupt, so she lives in the cousin's house. Even in her early childhood, Alexandra lost her mother, who died at the hands of a bandit gang. Since then, in her dreams - to become bold and strong, to rely solely on their strength. To this end, Sasha secretly engaged in fencing.

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Character Zabelino is positioned as the main one in"One Night of Love". Actors who perform other characters show no less vivid and emotional characters. Sasha's father Hilarion is a very adventurous player, and this trait played a cruel joke with him. He lost all his estate to Prince Vorontsov, and his daughter, after the death of his wife, grew up alone. Assistant in this was his servant Anna, who was also in love with her master.

After the death of Prince Vorontsov his heirbecame the son of Mikhail, to him and passed Otradnoe - the estate of the Zabelins. Later, between Misha and Alexandra, at the first meeting, feelings will erupt. But initially a young guy gives attention to Princess Katya Urusova.

For the protagonist, all members of the Urus familybecome deadly enemies, as they became secret conspirators against the tsar, and Sasha once witnessed a secret conversation. This accident will bring to life Alexandra a lot of misadventures, dramas and experiences, the bitterness of loss and betrayal of close people.

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The series "One Night of Love", the actors in whichknown to the audience on many other films, was shot under the guidance of a team of directors: Mikhail Mokeev, Boris Rubey, Oleg Meshkovoy and others. The creators of the film carefully selected the actors for the main roles, so that the film left after itself only pleasant impressions from the public.

Young Sasha Zabelin played Svetlana Ivanova,which kinomanov know for projects such as the "Ninth Company", "Private Detective", "Pregnancy Test," "How I became a Russian," etc. According to the story, Sasha falls in love with Mikhail Vorontsov, whose role was performed by Alexander Konstantinov. The actor is no less popular, since he managed to star in many films: "Hunting", "Blind calculation", "Love and Romance", etc.

The serf servant of the Zabelins family named AnnaOsipova played Irina Muraveva, her master, and later her husband, Hilarion Zabelin - Alexander Filippenko. According to fans of soap operas, in the film "One Night of Love" actors, photos of which can be seen in this article, attract attention and leave a pleasant impression.

Also in the series were Olga Ostroumova(played the role of Princess Dasha Urusova), Alena Bondarchuk (Empress Romanova - the wife of Tsar Nicholas I), Victor Verzhbitsky (Tsar Nicholas I Romanov), Tatyana Kazyuchits (young princess Ekaterina Urusova), Anastasia Makeeva (Olga Orlova), Ilya Kozin (Nikita Orlov) ) and many others.

Reviews of the series

According to most critics, traditionallydivided into sympathies for two camps, in the multi-part project "One Night of Love" actors and roles successfully match each other. This indicates the carefully conducted casting and good work of the authors of the television series.

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Have not left without attention and promptlyan evolving story, filled with loving vicissitudes, intrigues and conspiracies, betrayal and lies, various adventures. This is often fascinating, and the series does not seem tedious when viewed.

Impressions of the audience

Many viewers took the picture quitepositively. The melodrama is romantic and touches the depths of the soul. Especially liked in the movie "One Night of Love" actors who performed the main characters. Public has long been fond of Svetlana Ivanova - a fragile and feminine girl, which is nice to just look at. And Alexander Konstantinov evokes positive emotions with his masculinity and charisma.

It is interesting that fans of the tape after the mainnoted another love triangle: Nikita Orlov - Olga Orlova - Father John - in the film "One Night of Love". His actors played not vulgarly, but, on the contrary, showed how much they valued honor and respected other people's feelings in those days.

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Awards and nominations

In 2008, the multi-part project was nominatedto the title of the best television series in the world in the category "Teleroman". This took place in New York, when the award of an international prize under the name of Emmy International was held.


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