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The plot, roles and actors of the film "Keepers"

The actors of the movie "Keepers" are beginning to interestthe viewer after watching the film is no less than the eccentric plot itself. Many of them at the time of shooting have already visited large screens and prove themselves to the director Zak Snyder. All of them performed their roles magnificently and found praise from critics and ordinary people.

The plot of the picture

From the first minutes of viewing, the "Guardians" intrigues(film). The plot tells of an alternative reality, where democracy in the US died along with the re-election of President Nixon for a third term. Remained only the Republican Party, which with the help of new superheroes managed to achieve the victory of the state in the Vietnam War. At that time, the power of the USSR stockpiled a huge number of nuclear missiles and only waiting for the moment to drop them on Washington. In such circumstances, a story begins about the heroes who have gone into the shadows and started to engage in their own affairs.

Eccentric character

All the actors of the film "Keepers" showedskill on the set, but it was Jackie Earl Hailey especially noted among them. The reason is that he played the role of Rorschach - an uncompromising fighter against crime. This man does not choose methods to achieve the goal. It is important to him only to eradicate evil, because he considers it a great goal. He lives in a rented apartment, collects ultra-right journals and reflects on what the world has become. It is not worth it to kill a villain, even if for the sake of it one has to give his life.

actors of the film keepers

Night owl

The role of Daniel Dreiberg, nicknamed Night Owlwent to the actor Patrick Wilson. At the time of filming in this picture, the man managed to light up on the big screen, and therefore skillfully performed the role of a shy ornithologist, who decided to inherit the title of fighter from evil from police officer Hollis Mason. He had money left by his father, and he used them to build a secret base, where he spent most of his time.

Miss Silk Ghost

Some actors of the film "Keepers" did not havea huge baggage experience. Among these is Malin Ackerman, who played the role of the heroine of the Silk Ghost. Her role in the series was no less important than that of other superheroes. The audience watched the girl's persistent training, which was raised by Sally Jupiter's mother, because she wanted to transfer her costume and connections in the show business of her daughter after growing up. It so happened that Laurie dressed up the Silken Ghost for entertainment, but she liked to fight evil.

actors and film roles

A hero with unlimited possibilities

The actors and roles of the film "Keepers" were excellentare picked up by the director of the film. For example, Dr. Manhattan was played by an experienced Billy Krudup, who before that had already acted in such major films as "Mission Impossible-3" and "Johnny D.". His superhero is a nuclear physicist who, due to an unsuccessful experiment, gained incredible power. It is he who protects the United States from the nuclear strike of the USSR and thanks to its capabilities a victory was won in Vietnam.


For the role of Ozymandius was elected Matthew Goode, whoAt that time he was just beginning his ascent to the glory of a famous actor. He managed to play in some films, but in "Keepers" the man was remembered by many. His superhero is called the most intelligent person, who directs his wealth and ability to think in the right direction. In addition to intelligence, it is Ozymandius that has a supernatural power and reaction. These parameters make it almost invincible in combat.

keepers movie plot


The actors of the film "Keepers" played different roles,but it was Jeffrey Dean Morgan who won the role of a superhero, nicknamed the Comedian. This man loved carnal pleasures, and in the war in Vietnam he was marked by various atrocities. This man is a great patriot of his country, but this does not stop him from remaining an immoral person.


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