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Extravagant film "The House of the Big Mommy": actors, plot

In 2000, the movie "House of the Big Mommy" was released on the screens. Actors who have played in this film, instantly gained popularity among fans of the comedy genre.

Extraordinary film "The House of the Big Mommy"

The shooting took place in California.The director was Raja Gosnell, behind whom such masterpieces of the world film industry as "Pretty Woman" and "Alone at home". Writers were Darryl Quarles and Don Rymer. The name came up with Darryl because of his childhood memories. Mom's classmates called him mother. Music for the film was written by Richard Gibbs, who successfully collaborated with the American film industry. Numerous fans appreciated the film "The House of the Big Mommy". Actors and roles in this film intrigue from the very beginning and keep in an unusual strain of all spectators.

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The success of the film

Shooting the first motion picture with the subsequentpost-production lasted a little less than six months. According to its terms, the film was released in the records. Up to this point, no such major project has been completed so quickly. In just 99 minutes, the creators were able to combine the comedic genre with crime and the militant. The film was waiting for a grand success. It was watched by more than 30 million people. The fees in the US exceeded the budget of the film almost 4 times! And the world's box office made the creators millionaires. The film's profit was 174 million dollars. According to unofficial data, the actors of the movie "The House of the Big Mother" received half of the fee from the general budget. In 2001, Martin Lawrence was awarded the MTV Award for Best Comedy.

The plot of the film

In the film "The House of the Big Mom" ​​the actors worked withfull dedication. In this film, each viewer has his own favorite artists performing interesting and exciting in their content roles. Malcolm Turner, played by Martin Lawrence, works as an FBI agent. He is an excellent agent who has investigated many complicated cases. Malcolm is single, and his colleagues constantly tease him. In one of the tasks, he and his partner come to a small town to watch a fat lady. A dangerous criminal escapes from prison, hiding a large sum of money. Learning about this, his former love in an attempt to escape leaves for his aunt, whom Malcolm watches as his duty. Black Aunt Hachi Mei Pearce suddenly leaves the city. To get on the track of a dangerous criminal and find the money stolen from the bank, Turner decides to make friends with his former lover.

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The strongest side of a talented agent -ability to reincarnation. He successfully embodies different visions, bringing in them his charm and resourcefulness. Thanks to the professional make-up, costumes, pads and silicone masks, Malcolm is made up in a domineering dark-skinned southern southerner. This is his only way to reincarnate in Big Mommy, without causing any suspicion among others. Its purpose is to find out the location of the bank robber who escaped from prison. But over time, he realizes that he fell in love with his aunt's niece - Sherry Pierce. Turner takes her son Trent Pierce as a native.

Other actors projects

After the film "The House of the Big Mom" ​​the actors acceptedparticipation in other projects. Nia Long took part in the film "Handsome Alfie, or What Men Want". She also starred in the films "Scoundrel" and "Well, have you come?" Martin Lawrence, along with Denny DeVito, offered the lead role in the movie "What could be worse." In 2001, the movie "The Black Knight" was released, where the hero finds himself in the past. Continuing to play the role of policemen, Martin starred in "National Security" and "Bad Guys 2" with Will Smith. But he was particularly popular with the role of extravagant bbw.

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The second and third parts of "The House of the Big Mommy"

After 6 years, in 2006, there was a continuation -"The house of the big mother 2". The actors who starred in the first film also took part in the shootings. The main role of Malcolm Turner was left for Martin Lawrence. Sherry Pierce also played Nia Long. In this film, the protagonist decides to leave the FBI to spend as much time with his pregnant wife. But soon he learns that his partner was killed by the killer Oshima from the mafia of Tom Fuller. The FBI suspects the killer in launching an Internet computer virus for a gang of terrorists. To avenge his colleague and continue his work, Malcolm is made up for Big Mommy. He gets a job as a nanny in Tom's house.

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In 2011, both parts complemented the picture "LargeMom: son as father. " His adopted son Trent Pierce graduates from high school and successfully goes to Duke University. He plans to develop a musical rap industry in the image of Prodi-G. But because of his minority he has no right to conclude deals. The father refuses to sign a contract for his stepchild. And Trent begins to pursue his stepfather during his dangerous assignments. He becomes a witness to the murder. The agent does not want his stepson to be shot as a witness. As in the film "The House of the Big Mommy," the actors are made up for women. Malcolm works in the image of Big Mommy for over 10 years. His adopted son, Turner disguises a black niece aunt Charmaine Daisy Pierce.


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