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Lordi without masks. Lordi is a Finnish hard rock band

Lordi is a Finnish rock band playing hard rock.Her songs are remembered to fans with her mystical, in some ways even fatal lyrics. The performances and clips of the team are always spectacular, but it is simply impossible to see Lordi participants in them without masks and costumes. Let's talk about the group, its history and an extraordinary craving for the terrible. We will not leave without attention and enchanting performance of "Lordy" on "Eurovision" in 2006.

lordi without masks

Start. Why there were costumes

The team was founded by Tom Putaansuu.He was a big fan of the band Kiss and the chairman of their fan club in Finland. In addition, Putaansuu himself was a musician, and hard rock was experiencing an irresistible attraction. Therefore, the new rock band he created was supposed to play in this style, and costumes and make-up - to serve as a tribute to a devoted admirer of the creativity and scenic images of Kiss. In addition, all the members of the team collected by Putaansuu, in the manner of members of the Kiss group, took aliases. The frontman and founder himself was called Mr. Lordi.

It is interesting that in the beginning the creative success of the groupwere not large. The first planned album was never released, because the label went bankrupt a few days before its release, and all the material was left unreleased. The turning point for the creativity of the Finnish team was that at Nightwish concerts in Germany, the audience was invited to warm up the audience, "Lordi". The rock band then performed well. And they were noticed.

Triumph Lordi: "Eurovision" (2006)

In 2006, all fans of rock music rejoiced:Lordi took first place at the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest and by a big margin (by the way, the record for the whole history of the musical competition) outstripped their closest rival Dima Bilan. That's when the whole world and learned what a real hard rock!

lordi Eurovision

The performance, again, was bright and spectacular.The musicians performed their hard rock anthem in costumes and makeup of terrible monsters, and it was accompanied by a spectacular pyrotechnic show. At the back-vocal was then the power metal Finnish musician Pasi Rantanen in the mask of Gene Simmons, the bass guitarist of the Kiss group.

The victory of "Lordi" at the "Eurovision" was devastating, enchanting. And its significance for the whole rock movement is very great.

After the competition

Triumph on Eurovision has done its work:not only devoted fans of rock music learned about "terrible monsters", but people prefering lighter melodies. Of course, the latter was very interested in the image of the Finnish team. He was admired and criticized, even the opinion was expressed that the victory of "Lordi" practically only thanks to the costumes and got. But with such sayings one can argue, because the participant of "Eurovision" is not good, who does not try to turn his performance into a harmonious and fascinating show.

lordi group

The song Hard Rock Hallelujah almost immediatelyturned into a bright music video. And not even one, but two. Yes, yes, two different video clips were shot for this song. And in none of them the Lordi group appeared without masks.

Performances without costumes and makeup

They simply were not there.At concerts, press conferences and in TV shows Lordi himself does not appear without masks. This is the position of the team members, and the media are forced to accept it. However, to catch the leader of the group Mr. Lordi in everyday life without a mask and to open his face it was possible to one German weekly. These pictures were reprinted by the tabloid "Build". Such impudence angered fans of Finnish "monsters", they began to collect signatures under a petition demanding to remove photos from free access.

hard rock

The members of the group "Lordi" also negatively reacted to the publications. On the German tabloids they sued, but the results of the publication process in the same "Build" was not.

"Lordi" or ...

In the same 2006, the fever that swept the mediaSearching for photos of Finnish monsters without their masks was also subjected to the newspaper Daily Mail. On her pages and on the website on the Internet a picture was published, in which allegedly the members of the group "Lordi" stood without their terrible masks and costumes.

The members of the staff for this publication did notdid not react. And they had a reason. The thing is that they were not in the world around them, but the participants of another famous melodic metal band Children of Bodom. This was confirmed on the official website of the latter, so that another publication of scandalous photos of "Lordi" simply failed, and the sensation did not happen at that time.

lord rock

"Lordi" and the President of Finland

After his triumphant victory at Eurovision"Lordi" were invited to an official dinner party for the President of Finland Tarja Halonen. The only condition was the absence of costumes of monsters and these terrible masks. In fact, the participants of the famous rock band had to choose between preserving the image and the possibility of a visit to the president. What do you think the musicians did?

Yes, they chose to preserve their image andrefused the invitation. And to see Lordi without masks the fans again failed. Then Mr. Lordi commented on the group's act as follows: "We are musicians, we make music. In this case, we appear only in masks. But the costumes do not influence the quality of our songs, do they? Then why should someone care that we have masks? "

Monsters on dark floors

In 2008, the light saw a horror film "The Dark Floor", directed by Pete Riska at a Finnish film studio. Why did it come about this film? It's just that the members of the band "Lordi" appeared in it.

The plot of the film is as follows.A small girl with autism is in the clinic where she is unsuccessfully tried to treat. The little girl's father, already desperate to see at least some improvement, decides to take her daughter from the hospital. But they can not get out of there: the clinic is occupied by monsters - malicious dark entities who went hunting for unfortunate patients. The main character and her father, together with other people, are locked in an elevator, and only she can save all, that little girl who has autism.

You probably already guessed that the role of the darkessences, bloodthirsty and terrible, were performed by the members of the group "Lordi". It can not be ignored at the same time that they already had a similar acting experience: in 2004 the team co-starred in the short Finnish horror film Bloody Kinship. And, of course, in both cases there was a costume and make-up.

Mr. Lord

And about the costumes in more detail

As mentioned above, the unusual vestments andmake-up for the band's members appeared under the influence of another famous rock band - Kiss. In addition, inspire the implementation of many zadumok still beloved by Mr. Lordi horror films.

All masks and suits of monsters are made oflatex foam, fabrics, leather and metal. They are always made by Mr. Lordi himself. He is a professional sculptor, and in addition to everything else and a make-up artist, so he certainly has all the necessary knowledge and skills.

Group members make their own make-up to each otherbefore the speeches. The complete reincarnation of the whole team usually takes about an hour. For each concert, video or presentation of the new album, Mr. Lordi prepares new costumes and thinks out images for the band members. The approximate cost of any of these costumes of monsters is relatively small - only a few hundred euros.

lord without makeup

And yet, can you see "Lordi" without makeup?

Images of monsters, monsters from horror films -an integral part of the image of the group members. In their costumes they always appear in public and claim that it would be uncomfortable to open their faces in front of the cameras. "Lordi", however, already gave interviews without masks. But at the same time the band members turned their backs to the cameras and did not speak their native Finnish. They spoke in English.

Well, maybe one day, fans andwill be able to see their idols without masks and the accompanying clothes of monsters. But, most likely, this reincarnation will happen very soon. For example, when a well-known team decides to leave the stage for good and conceives something enchantingly intriguing. However, this may not happen. And then the secret of "Lordi" will forever remain inviolable.


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