/ How to learn to whistle with two fingers and draw attention?

How to learn to whistle with two fingers and draw attention?

It's no secret that thanks to whistling it's the easiestto attract the attention of a person, especially in an emergency situation. How to whistle with your fingers? The loudest of all whistles is the one that is performed with the help of two fingers. According to experts, everyone can master it. It only remains to start training, to turn the hissing into a loud, clear sound.

how to learn to whistle with two fingers

How to learn to whistle with two fingers, after alla din of a whistle is heard much further than a voice? In the Canary Islands, there is still a strong homo-whistling language, invented in ancient times. A peculiar language used by Spanish shepherds and peasants, and the whistle was carried for miles. Traditional peresvistyvanie still exists in some places in Mexico, Guatemala, Africa, in the Pyrenees, in Turkey.

Desperate whistlers at different times wereAlbert Einstein, billionaires John Rockefeller Jr. and Henry Ford, Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt. There is a natural question about how to learn how to whistle with two fingers is not worse.

To whistle, you need to learn to cover your teeth with your teeth. Therefore, you need to try to wrap your lips inside. The fingers act in the role of a lip retainer to make it easier to hold them over the teeth.

Traditionally, the fingers are arranged symmetrically along therelation to the center of the mouth and placed there before the initial phalanx. Actually, what fingers will be used for whistling is not so important. At first it will seem like a difficult focus. However, systematic training will necessarily lead to the desired result in the question of how to learn to whistle with two fingers.

whistle with fingers

To begin with, you need to add a large and an indexor large and middle fingers in the form of a letter "U". Then put your fingers in your mouth halfway, bending your lips so that they cover your teeth tightly. From the outside, only the outer edges of the lips should be visible. To perfect the technique, you can try using a mirror. The fingertips are turned toward the middle of the tongue.

Try to make the tongue flat so that itcovered the entire lower region of the mouth. The tip of the tongue should touch the jaw directly below the bottom line of the teeth. Now you can draw a deep breath and exhale with force through the tongue - its upper part - and the lower lip. Simultaneously, you should press your fingers on the teeth and lips downwards - outwards.

how to whistle with your fingers
It remains to find the position of the tongue, jaw andfingers, in which it is best to whistle. It is also important to determine how much air is needed for the volume effect. You can whistle melodiously or shrill, quietly or loudly, publicly or intimately - it all depends on the situation, the amount of wind in your mouth. The size of the tongue and lips is important - although this does not depend on the person, in contrast to the desire to find an answer to the question of how to learn to whistle with two fingers. Another important thing is the humidity of the mouth, lips, air and many other factors.

In Finland, whistling is a sign of friendshipgreetings in an informal atmosphere. In Islamic countries, it is taken for "the music of the devil." In Russia, every girl since the days of the sandbox knows: if whistles, it means a rude and hooligan, which sometimes is not so. It is not superfluous to know that the world capital of the whistle is the city of Louisburg (USA, North Carolina). So if your whistle with fingers is masterful, you can go and check it out.


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