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Filmography Pierce Brosnan. The best films with Pierce Brosnan. Biography of the actor

Millions of women from around the world recognized PierceBrosnan is the most beautiful "agent 007". This actor is the embodiment of male power, beauty, charm. It's not for nothing that the admirers consider Pierce the model of a real man who knows the taste and meaning of life. But in this world it's just that nothing is given to become a sex symbol, Brosnan had to work hard. He became a legend of Hollywood cinema, but before the actor had to go through a hard thorny path.

A bleak childhood

the filmography of the pier
This is today Pierce Brosnan rich, famous,successful and well-established man, but in his childhood he had a hard time. The future star was born on May 16, 1953 in the small Irish town of Droer. His family could not boast of a large income, his father worked as an ordinary carpenter, and when he left his young wife with a one-year-old son in his arms, the situation became catastrophic. Brosnan's mother was forced to leave her child to her parents, and she went to London to get a nurse there.

Pierce was brought up by his grandparents, his fatherI did not visit, but my mother came very rarely. When they died, the boy began to live with his aunt and uncle, who, in order to protect themselves from unnecessary worries, identified the child in the school of the Brothers of Christ. Despite the fact that Brosnan studied in this institution for only a few years, he had a lifelong dislike for religion. The fact is that corporal punishment was encouraged in this school, and the rules of conduct were very strict.

The first hobbies of the world of cinema

Biography of Pierce Brosnan was not so sadfrom the moment when her mother arranged her life a little, she married a second time and took her son to her place in London. It was in the capital of Great Britain that the future actor got acquainted with the cinema world, saw a completely different life: bright, interesting, full of surprises and surprises. The guy was so impressed with the first movie he saw with Sean Connery that "Goldfinger" remained in his memory for life.

Immediately after graduation, Pierce settled into twowork: snobbish and in a photo studio. The young man was fond of painting, having decided to develop his talent as an artist, he entered the St. Martis College of Design and Arts. Perhaps the filmography of Pierce Brosnan would not have been written, and the young talent would have become a famous painter if the guy had not visited the theater school, which opened to him all the delights of acting. Pierce entered the London School of Drama in 1973, where he studied for 3 years. During this time, the young actor managed to outplay all the popular classical roles in English theaters.

The first steps in the world of the film industry

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In the late 70's Brosnan met histhe first wife of Cassandra Harris, in 1980 the couple signed. Pierce idolized his wife, considered her the greatest happiness in his life. Cassandra strongly supported every initiative of her husband, because she saw in it a great potential and incredible talent. When in 1981 Brosnan finished shooting in the mini-series "The Manion Family in Search of Happiness", it was Harris who persuaded him not to stop, but perseveringly to continue to conquer Hollywood.

A successful start to a stellar career

In 1982, Pierce was invited to star in the seriesRemington Steel. The actor fits perfectly into the detective genre and showed himself in all its glory, revealing the facets of his talent to the audience. Excellent acting allowed Pierce to acquire two huge mansions: in Malibu and Beverly Hills, as well as achieve great popularity. In the 80s, Pierce Brosnan's filmography was replenished with several high-quality and successful film works. At this time he became a very famous, demanded and highly paid Hollywood actor. It should be noted his role in the film "Lawnmowers" (1992), as well as "Mrs. Doubtfire" (1993).

One of the most sought-after Hollywood actors

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The filmography of Pierce Brosnan would not be sobright, if not for the role of charming, savvy and self-confident James Bond. Even as a young guy, the actor dreamed of playing a legendary spy, so he considered it a great success for him that in 1995 he was invited to the picture "Golden Eye" for the role of 007. Pierce Brosnan so got used to the character of his hero that he immediately I remember and liked the audience of many millions. The film at the box office collected a record $ 350 million, and James Bond himself became the most successful, recognizable, highly paid and sought-after actor in Hollywood.

The role of the 007 agent was the first stunningPierce's work, but not the last. After that, the audience enthusiastically met the films "License for Murder" and "Tomorrow Never Dies". These films had a stunning success at the box office, they collected huge sums and even more glorified Brosnan. The second half of the 90s is the peak of Pierce's career. At this time, a successful actor could afford to choose the most interesting roles, and not to agree to everything. Directors vied with him to offer work in the best Hollywood films and blockbusters.

Best roles of Brosnan

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The filmography of Pierce Brosnan has moretwo hundred movies, in most of them the actor played the main characters, but even his secondary roles turned out to be bright and memorable. The most beautiful agent 007 best managed the role of courageous and romantic characters with a hot heart and cold mind. It is difficult to name the best works of Pierce, as in all films and serials he played flawlessly, showing different facets of his talent, fully opening before the viewer and giving himself away.

And yet it is worth highlighting the best Pierce moviesBrosnan, so that fans have the opportunity to fully enjoy the refined play of the great actor. The role of James Bond remains out of the competition, because thanks to the movie "Golden Eye" the actor has gained worldwide popularity. Also worth noting is his work in the film "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1999), in which Brosnan was reincarnated as a rich, smart, cunning and calculating businessman. The best films should include "The Best", "Ghost", "Remember Me", "Redemption". Pierce Brosnan, in general, plays good characters, but in the last film the villain played, thereby confirming that he perfectly succeeded in any role.

Personal tragedy of the actor

First wife of Pierce Brosnan, actress CassandraHarris, was 5 years older than him, but the difference in age, as well as the presence of a woman's children from the first marriage did not become a hindrance. The young man was madly in love with his chosen one and did not see anyone beside her except her. Brosnan adopted two children Harris, and in 1983 his wife gave him a joint son - Sean William. Cassandra was the guardian angel Pierce, strongly supported him, helped to build a successful career. Unfortunately, their happiness was not long, since Harris doctors put an awful diagnosis - cancer.

Brosnan as he could support his wife, refusedfilming in a number of films, to spend more time with it, to try to overcome the disease or at least to move the approaching demise. In 1991, Cassandra was gone, she died at Pierce's hands. Sadly, the same illness also knocked down Pierce Brosnan's adopted daughter, Charlotte, who died on June 28, 2013, at the age of 41.

Life Style of Agent 007

007 the pier is cast out
Pierce for a long time could not recover from the lossa close person, no one could replace him Cassandra. The actor completely immersed himself in the work, on the set gave himself away without a trace, which is probably why he had so many successful films in the 90s. Brosnan met with the most attractive women in the world, but none managed to lure him into their networks for a long time. The situation was changed by journalist Kelly Shane Smith, who filled the life of the actor with love and happiness. The woman gave Pierce two sons - Dylon and Paris. Today they live together in California.

Interesting facts from the life of Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan for good reason plays courageous and braveThe heroism in his blood. During the filming of the film "Percy Jackson" on the court almost a misfortune happened. From the hill at a huge speed rolled a minivan directly to Uma Thurman, a lightning-fast reaction and natural courage helped Pierce save his partner in the film from imminent death.

pier wife
Brosnan has a personal star on the Walk of FameHollywood, which he received for the development of the world of the film industry. Interestingly, in the 1981 film "For Your Eyes", James Bond's girlfriend was Pierce's first wife Cassandra Harris. Brosnan earns not only acting skills, but also selling through the site of his own paintings. In recent years, the actor is increasingly engaged in producing activities. And Pierce is recognized as one of the most beautiful men in the world.

Do you know that…

  • The growth of Pierce Brosnan is 187 cm.
  • The full name of the actor is Pierce Brendan Brosnan.
  • The actor graduated from the London Drama Center.
  • Pierce Brosnan is naturally left-handed.
  • The future James Bond was born in a poor family of carpenter Thomas and the nurse of Maya. My father left his family when Pierce was gone for a year.
  • The first wife of Brosnan died in his arms from cancer on December 28, 1991, and on December 27 was the eleventh anniversary of their wedding.
  • In 1997, while filming in the movie "Tomorrow Never Dies," the actor got a scar just above the upper lip, on the right side. Such a mark Brosnan received from an incautious strike double.
  • Pierce has five children:three native and two adopted. From the first wife of Cassandra Harris, the actor left Charlotte (died in the summer of 2013), Christopher, as well as the joint son of Sean. In a marriage with Kelly Shane Smith, Brosnan had two more sons - Dylan Thomas and Paris Beckett.

redemption pier
Despite his solid age, cheerfulagent 007 is actively acting in films, annually in the film there are 2-3 films with his participation. Pierce has a pretty busy schedule, planned for two years ahead. In addition, Brosnan is engaged in painting and producing activities.


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