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We choose machines for manicure

Manicure with tools always takes awaya decent amount of time. After all, you do not just have to nail your nails, but also process the plate itself, remove the cuticle, polish the surface of the nail. Here, machines for manicure can come to the rescue, of which there is a huge number. It is important only to choose the right one for yourself, which will be suitable for your purposes.

machines for manicure

For work

When you are just going to studynail extension or manicure as a master, you should immediately think about what machines for manicure may be needed. First of all, these are the ones that you can wear disposable attachments. It is sterile and inexpensive. In addition, the artificial material requires high power. That is, you need to consider machines for manicure with a speed of 10,000 per second. Anything less is not suitable for work. Pay attention to the way in which the speed is switched. Not always during the process of building or manicure it is convenient to change the rotation by hand. Therefore, it is worth considering the option of machines with pedals. Convenience is that the speed is dialed gradually. In advance, take care that there are several baits in the kit that can be sterilized. The metal from which they are made must be strong, with different sputtering, for various kinds of work.

manicure machine irisk

For myself

Choose a machine for home use?It makes no sense to spend a lot of money on multifunctional equipment. It is enough to buy a simple set for manicure and pedicure within two hundred to five hundred rubles. Without additional functions. This set includes:

  • electric typewriter for manicure;
  • plastic pusher.

With its functions:removal of the cuticle, filing nails, polishing the natural plate, he copes perfectly. The number of revolutions is not enough to cut down the artificial material. But the natural nail, both on the arm, and on the leg, it is by force to process qualitatively.

electric typewriter for manicure

For a large amount, you can also purchase a set ofadditional "chips". For example, with a whirlpool for the nails. To add some fillers to it, unfortunately, it is impossible, but to steam out the cuticle and lateral ridges is quite realistic. In addition, this is a good massage for fingertips. Another additional function may be a dryer for drying the varnish. Its benefit is that there is no need to wave the pens, waiting for the coating to dry. The dryer will dry it for you. In total, machines for manicure with such functions can cost a little more than a thousand rubles.

The Irisk manicure machine is presented inseveral variants. And they are all suitable for both home and work use. Nevertheless, few people pay attention to them, choosing a device for the house, but the masters often make their choice in favor of this company. As it represents not only the equipment for manicure, but also the whole series of various means. Starting from nail varnishes and finishing with gels and gel-varnishes. Choose for yourself the machine that meets all your requirements and has instruction in Russian for easy study.


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