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Biogel for pedicure: how to use?

Nobody will argue with the fact that the visitingthe woman's card is hands. However, the feet need care and care, especially in the warm season. To cope with this task, the biogel for pedicure helps the fair sex representatives - another achievement of the beauty industry. So, who needs this cosmetic product, how to use it correctly, what kind of feedback does the biogel receive?

Biogel for pedicure: what is it?

The prefix "bio" indicates that inThe composition of the product is completely free of harmful and toxic components, which have a destructive effect on the skin and nails. Its main component - natural fruit acids, safe for the body. The biogel for a pedicure is developed for the decision of various problems, such as the coarsened skin, corns, натоптыши. It also effectively removes the cuticle.

biogel for pedicure

How does the tool work?The gel is applied for the time necessary for its penetration into the horny layer of the skin, it softens it. With regular application, the skin looks healthy and fresh, acquires softness and tenderness. Biogel for pedicure can use representatives of both sexes, the product is suitable for home and salon procedures. Its use is shown even in cases where the skin on the legs has a neglected state.

Where to begin

Before use, the product must beshake it several times. To apply the gel is suitable synthetic brush, you can use another device. The composition is neatly superimposed on dry (this is very important) feet. The instruction says that the biogel for the pedicure should remain on the skin for two to five minutes. The exact time depends on the condition of the foot skin. In neglected cases, you should keep the remedy about five minutes, with regular care, two are enough.

biogel for manicure and pedicure instruction

What to do after this?Legs must be immersed in a basin, in advance filled with warm water. On average, it is necessary to steam the skin for about five minutes in order to have a biogel for manicure and pedicure. The instruction recommends in increased cases to increase this time to ten minutes.

What to do next?

After steaming, you can not dry your feet, theymust remain moist. For the continuation of work it is necessary to arm with an emery grater-saw, which looks like a two-sided blade. With the help of a file, which if desired can be replaced with pumice stone, the coarsened skin is carefully removed.

After that, the feet are again immersed in thewarm water, then gently washed off the biogel for a pedicure. Instructions for use of the product does not prohibit also polishing the nails with a saw after washing their feet. To do this, leave them a little wet.

Additional care

There are optional procedures thathelp make the application of biogel even more effective. For example, after grinding your feet, you can use a scrub. In addition, it is useful to lubricate the skin with an emollient, soothing cream after the procedure is completed and for some time to wear warm socks.

biogel for pedicure instruction

As already mentioned, not only to combatThe innovative biogel for pedicure is suitable for corns and calluses. The instruction allows to use the tool even when removing the cuticle. In this case, it must be applied as neatly as possible, trying not to touch the nail plate. It is most convenient to do this, armed with a cotton swab. Keep the gel on the cuticle for no more than two minutes, then the legs are also submerged for a while in the water, after which the skin is removed.

Precautionary measures

There are precautions, of whichDo not forget if you apply biogel for a pedicure. How to use the tool, if it is applied for the first time? Instructions suggest starting with a thin layer applied to a small area. This approach makes it possible to verify the absence of allergic reactions, complaints of which are found in some reviews.

biogel for pedicure and manicure reviews

Work with the cuticle requires special care,because when you remove it you can not do without sharp tools. In the formation of a wound, acid can enter it, resulting in unpleasant sensations that will persist for some time.

The result of using the gel also depends on the time of day. The best option - the use of funds before bed. In this case, to go to bed is in warm socks, which will enhance the effect.

Frequency of application

As already mentioned, the remedy is absolutelyharmless to the skin, if the person using it, scrupulously observes all the rules described in the instruction. Strongly it is not recommended to resort to the procedure more often than once a week. The frequency of application directly depends on the condition of the skin, the presence of calluses and corns. Optimal is the use of the gel twice a month. However, in case of neglected cases, it is allowed to repeat the procedure weekly.

biogel for pedicure reviews

In what quantity should I apply the medicinal composition? The layer should not be too thick, the optimal amount is set by trial and error.

Positive reviews

Is it really worth using a biogel forpedicure? Reviews about this innovative development are various: positive, neutral, negative. Those people who like the product often compare the result with the effect that is achieved by carrying out a hardware pedicure in the beauty salon. They say that the foot skin becomes soft and tender. With regular application, the problem of calluses and corns is solved.

biogel for pedicure how to use

What are the other positive aspects of the facility?women and men who use it? First of all, this is a significant time saving. To apply the gel, there is no need to visit the beauty salon. In total, the procedure lasts no more than a quarter of an hour. You can not only save yourself from unnecessary time costs, but also eliminate the transfer of infection.

It is also curious that the biogel is attributedantifungal effect. Many people use this drug in combination with other drugs to treat foot mycoses. However, before this, it is still advisable to consult with a specialist.

Negative feedback

Of course, a cosmetic product,whose popularity is constantly growing, there are not only supporters, but also opponents who have remained disappointed with the result of its application. Why, if you rely on their words, do not use biogel for pedicure and manicure? Reviews opponents of the composition most often contain a reference to an allergic reaction. Avoid these problems easily by testing the product on a small area of ​​the skin.

Another common complaint is thatgel excessively dries the skin, renders it coarsening. This problem may be due to the fact that the moisturizer is not used after the procedure. Someone also argues that the remedy is useful in the normal condition of the skin of the feet, but it shows low efficiency in neglected cases, it does not help in the fight against corpses, callosities.

Finally, some women and men note,that the biogel for a pedicure negatively affects the condition of the nails. With frequent contact with the nail plates, they begin to separate, break down. The problem may be that the composition is superimposed on the cuticle with an insufficiently thin layer, too much of the nail surface is captured.

biogel for pedicure instructions for use

Instead of conclusions

Whether or not to use an innovative biogelfor a pedicure - each person decides independently. To avoid disappointment, do not wait for a quick result. The instruction says that the softness and tenderness of the foot skin is achieved only with regular and correct application. About how to use the tool so that it benefits, and not harm, can be read in this article.


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