/ How to remove hair on chest?

How to remove hair on chest?

Almost every woman considers her breasts as prideand dignity. After all, it is a beautiful bust that attracts the stronger sex. But it also happens that girls start to appear hair on their chests. This causes anxiety. But the main thing is not just to get rid of vegetation, but also to think about the possible consequences. By themselves, the hair on the female breast carries no danger.

Before considering options for getting rid of this scourge, you need to study the reasons for its appearance. It can be:

- Hereditary predilection. If close relatives on a female line (the grandmother, mum, etc.) hair on a breast grow, then there is nothing strange, that they have appeared and at you.

- Hormonal disbalance.In this case, unwanted hair is very much, not only on the chest, but also on the chin, face. This disease manifests itself with the active allocation of male hormone, which leads to hair in uncharacteristic places for women. It is necessary to consult a gynecologist and endocrinologist.

- Consequence of taking medicines. Different antibiotics and drugs that are taken in the treatment of serious diseases, can cause hair growth on the chest.

- It also happens that unwanted hair still grows, for no apparent reason.

Method of removal

If there is little vegetation on the chest, then thisThe problem can be solved independently. First of all, remember that you should not use a razor to remove them. The point is that in this place the hairs are very soft, and then they will become tougher. Among other things, the razor can easily injure the chest.

The simplest way to get rid of thisThe problem is the use of tweezers. This is the first decision that comes to mind almost every woman. Before the procedure and after it should be disinfected skin area, and hair should be removed in the direction of their growth. But after about two weeks they will start to appear again. Therefore, the procedure will have to be carried out often.

Hair removal is widely used for hair removal.In addition, it can be done independently, or by contacting specialists in the salon. At home, it is convenient to use special creams bought in a pharmacy. This procedure is painless and very effective. However, creams for hair removal can cause reddening of the skin and ingrown hairs.

Often women use hot wax, while experiencing severe pain. To remove vegetation near the nipples, this procedure is definitely not suitable.

How to remove hair on chest?This will be suggested by folk medicine. A good remedy is infusion from the shell of pine nuts with the addition of fresh lemon juice. At the first application of this mixture, the hair lightens. You can achieve the desired result, but only by conducting the procedure often for a long time. Still it is possible to clarify hair on a breast by means of peroxide of hydrogen then they simply become invisible.

In beauty salons, hair removal can be done withhelp wax, electrolysis and laser. All these procedures are able to remove hair in large quantities and on large areas of the skin of the breast. There are pluses and minuses. The most painless way is laser exposure. For this, you need only two sessions: the first removes young hairs, and the second - all the remaining. This method is expensive and suitable only for those who have dark hair, since the light laser "does not see". If the skin is tanned (there is more melanin in it), then it is contraindicated to remove hair in this way, because there may be problems.

Electrolysis is the process of hair removal whenThe influence of the current at which the root of each hair is destroyed. After this procedure, you may notice bruises and redness. After several procedures, the hair on the chest will disappear forever, but small scars may remain.


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