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How to choose a hair color for gray-blue eyes?

Sometimes it's so hard to make the right choice,trying to change his appearance. On what make up stop? What things to choose in the wardrobe? In what color to color ringlets? Or, for example, which is better to choose a hair color for gray-blue eyes?

hair color for gray-blue eyes

I must say that the gray-blue was always consideredunusually beautiful, rare and unusual color of eyes. He invariably emphasizes the individuality, refinement and uniqueness of the girl's natural beauty. And if a beautiful lady is lucky to have such eyes, it is worth using this happiness to the maximum, emphasizing their hairdo, a palette of shades in clothes and make-up.

I must say that the hair color for gray-blueEye is not very easy to choose, because such a shade is rare. But you can always use a couple of universal and very simple recommendations, thanks to which you can create your own unique look.

gray-blue eyes hair color

So, the girl has gray-blue eyes.The color of hair is best left either natural, or take something very close to it, natural. It is these shades that are best suited to the eyes. But if you really want to change something radically in your own appearance, it's better to choose something warm and soft. The fact is that gray-blue is a rather cold color. And if you paint your locks in an ashy or too cold light shade, your appearance can turn icy and even repulsive. Of course, it does not necessarily have to be that way, but it's better to first consider something brighter and warmer. It will be an interesting contrast, attractive and memorable. For greater naturalness, colors such as chestnut and black are also suitable.

But how to choose a hair color?Photos help in this best. Try to simulate on the computer your face and experiment with hair and shades. This is the most obvious and easiest way to make the right choice.

how to choose a hair color photo

Hair color for gray-blue eyes shouldcombined with a touch of skin. I must say that this is the main point in the choice. If a girl has a warm skin tone, swarthy or just tanned, then the hair is better to paint in any dark shades - brown, dark red, black. The main thing - do not go far from the natural color, no more than a couple of tones. With a cold type and pale skin, it is better to choose honey tones, bronze or copper shades. Suitable and ashy color.

Choosing the hair color for gray-blue eyes, you canSeek help from professionals by visiting a good beauty salon or a trusted hairdresser and stylist. The wizard will help you determine the best shade of hair.

It should be noted that in recent yearsnaturalness has become the most preferable choice in both make-up and hair color. In the end, nature often chooses the best combination of shades in the appearance of a person. And if something is still not very satisfactory, then it is only necessary to correct it, and not to change it radically. Therefore, the color of hair for gray-blue eyes is better to keep the one that was given from birth, or close to it, rather than rush into the pool of insane experiments.


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