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Staining eyelashes, curling eyelashes, building up ... How to make a seductive look

Seduce with one glance only - the dream of eachwomen: a sparkling zipper from under the eyelashes hurts the male heart, makes them look in the crowd sparkling eyes, again and again try to catch your vzlyad ... Well, if nature has given you thick long eyelashes - against such weapons is difficult to resist.

Many methods have been devised to give brightness andvolume whitish and inexpressive eyelashes: lengthening and voluminous mascara, coloring eyelashes chemically, building and chemical perm ... How many ways are invented by women!

To give the density and color to the eyelashes many girlsprefer decorative mascara. But if the day turned out to be intense and dynamic, or the weather leaves much to be desired, mascara can smear, leak or fall from a temperature drop.

Dyeing eyelashes with eyebrow paint is not souseful. Hydrogen peroxide, which is invariably present in it, weakens and coughs up even in a small concentration. Often, after the paint is washed, the natural color of the eyelashes can become lighter.

Permit raises and twistseyelashes, but the effect of chemical components fixing the bend of the eyelashes, makes them weak, thin and leads to brittleness. Do not use curling irons - eyelashes can break if pressed too hard.

Growing today is gainingpopularity. Quality salon work is quite expensive. However, the correction injures not only the cilia, but also their bulbs. Hairs fall out and often cease to grow, leaving on the eyelids unsightly "bald spots."

How to increase the growth of eyelashes and whether it can be done at home?

Of course you can.However, it should be remembered that the expected miracle will not happen: eyelashes can be strengthened, give them shine and strength, but their number can not be increased - the number of hair bulbs is given to us by nature. With the help of special tools can be done so that the hairs will be less likely to fall out, and their growth will accelerate.

A few rules will teach you the proper care of eyelashes:

  1. Always wash off makeup before bedtime!But do not wash with soap and water, but with special moisturizing cream, milk or a two-phase emulsion. Eyes should not contain alcohol - it over-dry eyelashes and skin.
  2. Every day in the evening apply on the eyelashes and eyebrowslinseed, burdock or castor oil. Excellent ancient means of our grandmothers will not only strengthen, but also moisturize eyelashes, accelerate the growth of hairs in place of those dropped out. In the oil, you can add vitamin A, which will greatly accelerate growth: one drop of vitamin A is mixed with four drops of oil.

Fluffy and voluminous eyelashes will help create sea buckthorn oil.

If you are afraid of morning swelling, which are sometimes formed after the application of oil, try to keep it from getting on the skin of the eyelids, or after 20 minutes, wipe it with a cotton pad.

Before using the oil, find out if you have an allergic reaction.

  1. A couple of times a week you need to do compresses of herbs, sage, marigold, chamomile. Remember that the decoction of chamomile can brighten, so it is better not to apply it to colored eyelashes.
  2. Coloring the eyelashes at home is by no means impossiblemake hair dye - only a special gentle dye for the eyelashes and eyebrows! After the procedure, apply burdock or castor oil, it protects from falling out and soaks the hairs with moisture.
  3. In pharmacies there is a special caringdecorative mascara, which already contains burdock and castor oil - coloring eyelashes with ink can be combined with care. The mascara is washed off easily, by any cosmetic means.

A little patience and proper care - and beautiful eyelashes will be the subject of men's admiration!


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