/ / "Auchan" on Krasnoselskaya: not far from the metro and a great choice

"Auchan" on Krasnoselskaya: not far from the metro and a great choice

"Ашан" (Сокольники), что на Красносельской - это another best hypermarket with a huge choice. It is located in the shopping center "Troika". It is very convenient to get to it. It is in the TC "Troika" is "Ashan-Sad".

Walk on the lower floor

In the TC "Troika" hypermarket "Auchan" onKrasnoselskaya is located on two floors. On the lower floor you can buy a variety of food. It is possible to find almost any desired product of one brand. Unfortunately, for example, there is no oatmeal cookie of the Polet factory, and puffs with sugar of the same confectionery company are always available. The prices for products are much lower than in other stores. It is advisable to walk along the path between the shelves, and not along the edge along the counters or the wall to see signs with the indication of the departments.

Auchan on Krasnoselskaya

There is a huge selection of cookies, sweets, marmalade.The scales are located in convenient places - you do not need to go far and wait for a long queue. By weight you can take nuts, dried fruits, chips, spices. Next to it are racks with packaged products. You can find seeds and nuts from those producers that you rarely see in other stores. There is even a Brazilian nut.

Dairy and meat departments are located conveniently:You do not need to circle in search and run around in all four directions. The dairy department and frozen products are located closer to the cash registers, which is very convenient for those who bought ice cream - on the way it does not melt.

Upper floor of "Auchan"

Near the meat department there is a travolator (escalatornot with steps, but with a walkway). On the second floor there are inedible goods, so to speak: household, hygiene, care, seeds. Hypermarket "Auchan" on Krasnoselskaya differs from other huge choice of accessories for the bath, such as shower gel, liquid soap, shampoos, creams, lotions and the like. This department is allocated a huge area with low shelves.

Auchan upper Krasnoselskaya reviews

Anyone can see where to look for the right one.subject. Household goods are located on high shelves. And at the entrance on the top floor there are departments with electronics, books, electrics, seeds. The choice of such things is not very big. The department with clothes and shoes is small, but there is something to see. The department with underwear, clothes for sleeping and at home is located next to the cosmetic department. Everything is conveniently located.

How to get there and the mode of operation

When is it better to visit "Auchan" (Krasnoselskaya)?Hours are as follows: every day from 8.00 to 23.00. It is best to come not immediately to the opening, but at 10 o'clock, when the goods will be laid out in most departments. From the shelves, especially on weekends, they sweep everything quickly.

Auchan Krasnoselskaya opening hours

Адрес гипермаркета "Ашан":Upper Krasnoselskaya street, 3A. If you exit the metro station at Krasnoselskaya station, then you need to turn right: you will see a bridge behind the metro. It is necessary to pass under this bridge through both traffic lights on a land crossing, then to the left along Upper Krasnoselskaya Street. On the way, the All Saints Church will meet with a red brick wall. Behind him will be visible TC "Troika". By car, you need to drive off the TTR directly to the parking lot, also driving past the All Saints Church.

Special ticket offices

Новые покупатели будут очень удивлены.It looks as usual: a huge number of cash registers. People put the products on the tape, the cashier scans and lays out the packages. Here you can not get a wallet. Employees of the hypermarket issue a primary check-direction to the terminal. In such a piece of paper are the total amount in rubles for purchases and the bar code of the new sample. Auchan on Krasnoselskaya is probably the only one of its kind, where all ticket offices are non-standard.

The buyer comes to any terminal,applies a bar code to the scanner, the display shows the entire list of products and the final price. You can pay by cash or plastic card. In the second option, you must first select on the screen "Payment card". But if there is only cash, then you can pay both with the expectation of both the surrender and no surrender. The terminal takes the change and the change gives the right. It is convenient in this case to observe on the screen behind the line "It remains to pay extra ...", when you throw the next coin, the balance for payment changes in the smaller direction. With full payment, the terminal will issue a secondary check to the exit. The primary is no longer needed, and the secondary is by no means lost. Without it, do not get out of "Auchan."

В случае заедания ленты в терминале нужно позвать cashier or administrator to help. Primary check will help out. But such disasters happen infrequently. When you exit, you need to "show" (and not attach) the check to the scanner near the automatic wicket.

Guest Reviews

Impressions of the visitors are different.Better to start with the bad, to warn people. Own products under the label "Everyday" (meat, fish), most often with expired shelf life. The label may be just a new date, but in fact it turns out stale goods. You also need to be careful with such products and other manufacturers. Buyers can send all claims and complaints about the purchase to Auchan (Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya). Reviews are not in favor of the hypermarket, there are for another reason: punch the goods at the checkout twice or a problem on the terminal. With this you need to be careful, and it is better to pay in cash rather than a card. On the "otzovikov" write that the debit from the card is, and the terminal stubbornly writes: "Payment failed. Error." And to solve this problem with the administration did not succeed.

Auchan Upper Krasnoselskaya

Good moments about the store "Auchan" onKrasnoselskaya too. As mentioned above, they are pleased with a large range and convenient location of departments. It only remains to add that before visiting the hypermarket or after, you can relax in any cafe on the 3rd floor, take a walk through Leroy Merlin and boutiques.


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