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Seamless steel pipes in the modern world

A wide range of diameters becomes the mainadvantage for such products as seamless steel pipes. The diameter can vary from five to 220 millimeters. Only high quality stainless steel is used in production. Hot-rolled and cold-deformed - the main methods of production for such products. Although it is possible to meet and options with pressing and rolling. Drawing and forging are also quite widespread.

seamless steel pipes

On the production and features of the product

Pipes of this type are used in many spheresour life, therefore, the requirements for them are quite serious. Actually, this is not surprising with respect to such a group of products as seamless steel pipes, GOST for their production becomes the main document. When manufacturing, specialists should take into account the regulated deviations, observe the established parameters of curvature, length, wall thickness.

About assortment of pipes

Wall thickness is the main parameter thatserves for a clear separation of products such as seamless steel pipes. The walls themselves can be both thick and thin. In addition, the thickness of the walls can be customized. The consumers of this product, indeed, is quite in demand.

seamless steel pipe

Properties of such pipes

The popularity of seamless steel pipes provides a number of good performance characteristics. Seamless steel pipes differ as follows:

1) high strength;

2) no seam, which leads to the impossibility of leaks.

If the walls are thick enough, the product becomes even more reliable and durable.

seamless steel pipes

How and where are the pipes used

Hydraulic systems in the modern world are simpleThey can not do without such details as seamless steel pipes. This can be, for example, cylinders mounted on cars of a cargo class. It is highly advisable to use seamless pipes in power engineering. Wall thickness is the main parameter. It directly affects how long the whole design can last, how long it will be able to withstand the rupture. To repair the boiler you can spend a lot of money if the pipe stops functioning. Therefore, any investment in seamless pipes pays off in a short time.

Additional information about products

The high strength of these products allows them toeasy to find applications, for example, in the processing and oil-extracting industries. The seamless steel pipe possesses such a set of characteristics that make it sufficiently popular in many areas of production and industry. Especially it concerns the sphere of construction and motor transport. Even in the defense industry, seamless steel pipes are used - they help where chemical active and hazardous substances are used. After all, leaks in such cases can cause irreparable damage not only to the environment, but also to the health of people.


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