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Haircut trash - a new choice of youth!

Haircut trash

Surprisingly, not all people know the meaningthis word. So what is it - a haircut trash? Simply put - it's an incongruous combination of a puppet image with an otzy punk. It is this style that is so fashionable recently among young people. Teenagers forgot about emo-style and switched to something new, even more strange: trash-haircut - this is the hairstyle that today's generation chooses.

haircut trash
Surprisingly, these extravagant stylingsare suitable not only for young people, but also for people of more mature age, especially if they want to emphasize their individuality. Of course, mainly this applies to creative individuals who can not live without shocking. Cutting trash is a great way to emphasize this! The most distinctive feature of these hairstyles is color. Orange, purple, blue, pink, light green, bright blue are all that can come to mind. Cutting trash for long hair is done very easily, it's different if you have short hair. In this case, you will have to suffer a little and you, and the master, who will have to show all his creative qualities and wild imagination. For example, make a slanting torn bangs and dye the tips of the hair in a poisonous green or purple color. In addition, now the fashion included a variety of animal colors: from the more familiar leopard and leopard to the variegated parrots of the macaw and colorful hummingbirds.
trash haircut

Hairstyle Trash

If you do not have the courage to cut longhair for the sake of such fun and repainted in a crazy color, then you can experiment with different shade tints and hairdos. The most popular is the same blue-black hair color, and it can be either basic or additional (different individual strands or tips are colored). Dilute the black with a shade of blue or dark green, and your hairstyle will be different in originality, and you will become the brightest star of the party. As stated earlier, trash hair on long hair looks best. For starters, you need to know that the most optimal basis for the future of "madness" on the head is "ladder" or "cascade."

The first variant of trash-hairstyles

Wash the head with shampoo and apply a strong fixation to the strands of mousse. Coat the hair on the vertex and dry it with a hairdryer.

hairstyle trash
The longest strands are pulled with a special ironor with a hairdryer. The bangs, if there is one, pull them too. Upper hair comb with a comb with sparse teeth. Insert bows or colorful hairpins into the comb. Be sure to fix it with lacquer.

The second variant of trash-hairstyles

Make a tail from the top of the hair.The rest of the hair is divided into two parts. Fixing varnish, strongly brush the middle part of the hair at the roots. After that, scrub and fix with varnish and the lower part. Although you can not comb, but, on the contrary, straighten the hair from the bottom. After abundant fixation of the two parts, spread the tail and gently spread the strands along the fleece. Remember that adherence to traditions and restraint in trash-hairstyles is not needed. The more creative your hair will look, the better!


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