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Professional apparatus "Strong" for manicure and pedicure: review, types and reviews

The beauty of every girl is not only in skillfulmake-up and chic clothes. Manicure and pedicure also play a role in creating an image at any time of the year. For today in the world there are many ways of care of nails, and one of the important positions is occupied by an apparatus manicure. Thanks to him, you can quickly and efficiently remove the cuticle or adjust the shape of the nail itself. The "Strong" devices for manicure are an excellent example of high quality.

Varieties of manicure machines

Basically all cars are made one by oneprinciple, therefore it is impossible to separate them into specific types. They can only provide additional features, for example, the presence of manual or foot control.

In the first case, there is a typewriter on the handleswitches that allow you to adjust the power and other parameters. The second option has a pedal for controlling the foot. That is, depending on the force of pressure on it, the speed of the tip of the handle varies. Also, some manufacturers have already produced combined devices, where the control is carried out with both a handle and a pedal.

Depending on these functions, buyers expressand positive and negative opinions. For example, "Strong" (apparatus for manicure, pedicure) reviews is exceptionally good. More details can be considered at the end of the article.

apparatus for manicure and pedicure professional strings

How to make the right choice?

Now released a lot of machines for manicure andpedicure. Among them, of course, there are a lot of really high-quality goods, but at first glance it can not be determined. Therefore, in order not to waste money, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • power not lower than 50 W;
  • the number of turns of the tip is not less than 30 thousand;
  • presence of reverse rotation drive.

The device for manicure and pedicure "Strong" meets all these requirements, so few doubt its quality.

Home Use

The main component in the selection istip (milling cutter). They come bundled with each device, but sometimes you also need to purchase additional attachments. Cutters should be selected depending on what this device will be used for - polishing of nails, correction of the cuticle or side rollers and so on.

Based on the hardness of the material,increase and power. That is, artificial nails are to be cut only at maximum speed and, if possible, take a nozzle with more abrasiveness. To cut the cuticle you need a tip of a cylindrical shape, for side rollers you need a cone-shaped milling cutter, and the plate is well polished with a fluffy and soft enough brush.

apparatus for manicure strogh reviews

Apparatus "Strong" for manicure

Frazier from South Korea is an example of a highquality. This is a professional device that helps in the correction of the nail plate. Power makes it possible to use the machine not only at home, but also in specialized salons. And most importantly - the parameters for the operation are set on the body of the device itself or on a special pedal.

About the overheating of the engine, you can safely forget. The engine blowing system operates at a high level. Also, when working with these devices, no one will notice noise or annoying vibrations.

Advantages of professional devices

In fact, the apparatus for manicure and pedicure(professional) "Strong" has significant differences from other similar devices. First of all, buyers distinguish the size and structure of machines. Also a professional option is a device in the form of a block to which a cord with a handle and a rotating head is attached. But the usual and cheaper option is a stylus of a small size that works from the network or from the battery.

The power and functionality in them are also different.After all, cheaper devices have fewer functions than professional ones. And, accordingly, the price is also different. Conventional devices are cheap, and professional ones correspond to the status. But expensive options will never let their owners down.

Types of apparatus "Strong"

Apparatus "Strong" for manicure can be divided intoa couple of types: stationary and portable. The first version has a large overall dimensions and a special device that cleans the technique of dust and contamination. The second option is designed specifically for masters who work at home with customers. They look compact enough, not too heavy by weight.

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Features of machines

Now we need to understand more about the functions of machines produced by "Strong". Their capabilities include:

  • alignment of the plate;
  • painless cutting of the cuticle;
  • careful treatment of the nail, as well as the skin in this area without any steaming or lubrication with special creams;
  • grinding and creating the shape of the nail plate;
  • prevention for burrs;
  • getting rid of calluses and other rough skin areas;
  • treatment of the skin between the fingers.

In order to perform all this, the machines "Strong" provide a handle, wire and a pedal for controlling the speeds.

The device for manicure "Strong 210"

This option is one of the mostpopular devices, so consider it in detail. The maximum speed is 30 thousand revolutions. It has a smooth regulator for speed and a switch for the direction of rotation, which is called the reverse. Thanks to him, you can easily do the manicure and pedicure procedures, as well as the correction of marigolds.

apparatus for manicure and pedicure strings

The kit includes a pedal that isa comfortable option when working at home. This machine is ideal for beginners in the field of manicure and teach basic rules for nail care.

Absolutely all the apparatus "Strong" for manicure, inparticular and this one, do not have any errors in the work. All customers are satisfied, because these machines are really convenient to use and do not cause any harm to the health of nails and skin.

Frazier for manicure and pedicure "Strong 90"

"Strong 90" also enjoys a goodpopularity. The speed of rotation reaches 35 thousand revolutions per minute. The metal case and rather convenient weight help the device to work on a maximum even at frequent transfers from one place in another.

apparatus for manicure strings 210

And the additional advantages of the router are a fairly powerful motor without overheating, as well as a smooth speed switch.

Customer Reviews

The device for manicure "Strong" reviews both from customers and salon employees, and from customers who chose it for home use.

Strong apparatus for manicure pedicure reviews
A powerful and silent machine for many people has becomean irreplaceable stage when creating a beautiful manicure or just a correction of marigolds. Pleasant appearance especially pleases the girls, because behind it is not just some kind of nonsense, but a really worthwhile device.


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