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Scythe hair of medium length: several options

braids for medium length hair
Scythe hair of medium length to do verysimply, and the choice of hairstyles contributes to this. You can use such weaving as the French braid, "spikelet", "half-club", scythe, etc. All of them are very popular. At the same time to create such beauty, hair length is required slightly below or above shoulder level. Consider a few simple and beautiful options, relying on which you can come up with your own image.

Option one

The basis of the hairstyle can be one or more"Semicolour". Such braids are braided for medium length hair as follows. The upper part of the strands is separated, divided into three parts, which are overlapped, like an ordinary braid, twice. Then to each weave (to each strand) is added a part of the free ringlets from the sides. To the back of the head, all strands must be woven. After that, you can fix the hair with a hair clip or elastic band, leaving the tail, and you can dream up and create a hairstyle. This is an example of weaving one "semi-colossus". Braiding braid on the average length can mean their many - it all depends on the desire and possibilities.

braiding for medium length
Option Two

To braid braids on hair of average length it is possible and instyle "schoolgirl". By the way, this option is very popular for everyday wear. Here we mean a straight parting in the center of the head, on each of the separated parts a "half-club" is weaved. At the end of the hair growth you can finish the weaving, and you can make "spikelets". The result is fixed with elastic bands.

Option Three

Hair braids of medium length can be "harnesses". Usually such hairstyles are created on long
hair, but you can use this option for our
case.To do this, you need to get a chignon-plait. Hair gathers above the level of the neck in the tail. Then fixed with an elastic band through which the hairpiece is stretched. After separation, the hair is divided into two strands. The first is twisted clockwise and simultaneously wraps around the tail-hairpiece. The same is done with the remaining hair, but in a different direction. Now the strands are fixed with studs.

braids for medium length hair

Option Four

Very beautiful look braids on hair mediumlength, created on the basis of the French variant of weaving. To do this, it is necessary to collect a part of the hair from the side, divide into three parts and begin to weave. Strands, which do not yet participate in creating a hairstyle, it is better to pick up the hairpin, so it will be more convenient. The weave passes along the very edge of the hair, near the growth zone. Strands of free hair for each overlap are captured from both sides (as in the "semi-colony"), but are not wound up from above, as in an ordinary spit, but from below. The finished hairstyle is fixed with an elastic band or a hair clip. This option looks best if the ends of the hair are hiding, and the image is supplemented with beautiful accessories.

Выше были приведены только основные способы weaving of medium hair (except the usual braid, with it everything is clear). Starting from them, you can create many hairstyles, different images and be in the center of attention under any circumstances.


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