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How to remove facial hair

How to remove facial hair?This question was asked by many women. We will take a closer look at the topic of how to remove hairs where their presence is undesirable. This can be the area of ​​the chin and above the upper lip. It is these shortcomings that cause many women to be unsure of themselves. To the great joy, modern beauty salons offer a huge range of services in this area, both for men and women. One of these methods is laser hair removal.

The type of the chosen procedure will depend on how many weeks the result of the procedure will last.

In addition to visiting beauty salons, there are methods to remove hair from your face at home.

You can also perform a hair removal procedure forfor some specific time. Epilation with resin and wax can be carried out both in the cabin and on your own at home. The effect of this procedure lasts about 1 month on average. This is an effective way, however, it is very painful. Heated wax and resin are applied to the place of epilation, a thin parchment paper is applied from above, when the composition is frozen, it is necessary to remove a piece of paper with a sharp movement along with the resin and unwanted hairs.

You can also use the method of plucking the hairin the home using tweezers, but this is the case if there are not many of them. The procedure causes a lot of uncomfortable sensations. If you pull out the hair all the time, then they darken, become thicker and can eventually become a real stubble. Also, this method causes skin irritation and the appearance of unwanted inflammation and eruptions.

How to remove facial hair with peroxidehydrogen? To do this, you need to prepare a 3-6% solution of hydrogen peroxide, unwanted hairs need to be wiped every day before they are completely clarified. Over time, the use of this method makes hair thinner. Sometimes they can even disappear altogether. However, you need to regularly perform this procedure, and then the result will please you. If the skin is too sensitive, this procedure can be irritating.

How to remove facial hair folk remedies?You can mix the powder shells of walnut and pine nuts with a solution of baking soda, vodka and seeds of dope. This composition gives a good temporary effect when trying to remove unwanted hair on the face.

If you decide to resort to the salon servicesbeauty, then laser hair removal will help you answer the question of how to remove facial hair. Under the influence of laser beams, the hair bulb gradually collapses and dies. This method helps to remove the barbels and hair on the chin permanently. To achieve the final result, you need at least 4 procedures. They are repeated for several months. With this method of hair removal there is no irritation, and this procedure is absolutely painless.

In modern cosmetology, a methodRemoving unwanted facial hair with electrical hair removal. The impact on the hair bulb occurs with the help of charges of electric current. The advantage of this method is that it is absolutely harmless. This is an old and proven way.

Another interesting method is photoepilation, thenthere is an effect on the roots of the hairs by light radiation. Epilation occurs under the influence of small flashes of light, which allows you to remove hair on large areas of your skin. It is necessary to spend from 3 to 6 similar procedures, after which the hair drops out forever in a few weeks.

Before performing hair removal, you needTo pass or take place inspection at the doctor of the endocrinologist, after all occurrence of undesirable hair on the face and a body testifies to hormonal failure in an organism of the woman. Their removal will not help you to solve the health problem, so you need to take tests and go through a gynecologist and endocrinologist. Doctors will prescribe you a course of treatment, and perhaps this will help get rid of such problems as excessive hair growth in unnecessary places, forever.


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