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Bristles on the face: how to achieve it and how to take care of it properly

Once upon a time in childhood, probably manythere was a strange feeling that even now is preserved, that man and woman are like Mars and Venus. The difference between the sexes is huge, but still they are forced to move in one direction next to each other. The bristles on the face of the stronger sex are another proof of the existence of these differences.

A young man can be very affectionate, gentle, a real romantic, but unshaven cheeks immediately give out in him a real man, able to stand up for himself, protect his beloved lady.

However, caring for the bristles is sufficientcomplicated. The process of shaving takes a lot of time. If you believe statistics, then, on average, representatives of the strong half of humanity spend for life on the care of bristles 3350 hours and remove 8.4 meters of hair from the face.

A few simple tips

Men who have puberty left inThe past, as a rule, grow bristles quite simply. But due to heredity, its axis on the face may be too weak, then the bristles of men will be too rare and soft.

To ensure that the vegetation on the face is uniform and dense, proper nutrition is necessary. Eat dairy products, fish, cottage cheese, that is, those foods that contain a lot of calcium.

Do not forget to take vitamins that promotegrowth of hair. These include D, K, biotin. In addition, they strengthen not only the hair, but also the teeth and nails. Therefore, you can not only acquire a dense vegetation on your face, but also strengthen your health.

It should be noted that growth and developmentthe organism as a whole, including hair growth, is affected by motor activity, accelerating metabolic processes. Start to play sports, sign up for the pool, run in the morning, buy roller skates or a bicycle. So you can increase physical attractiveness and achieve smart bristles.

Previously it was advised that the stubble on the face bethick and beautiful, often shave your hair. This advice, although it is very not unreasonable, but has unpleasant consequences. The bristles on the face will really become thicker and will grow faster, but, most likely, you will not be able to avoid irritation, which, firstly, will give you unpleasant sensations, and, secondly, just do not attract women. But if you are ready to shave often for the sake of dense vegetation, then stock up with moisturizing and softening lotions and creams in advance and always use shaving foam. All this will reduce the risk of unpleasant irritation on the skin. However, remember that the problem is still better solved from within.

Consult a trichologist or endocrinologist whoafter taking the tests will assign you a special course of stimulating hair growth. In the event that male hormones are at a low level, you will be offered to start using hormonal drugs. But immediately it should be noted that these drugs have a very strong effect on the body, so look for competent and proven professionals.

When the long-awaited bristles on your face finally appear, do not forget to look after it. Do not forget to trim your hair, giving it the desired shape.

Instead of concluding

Some young people have a mustache or unshaven cheeksreally to the person, but it is worth considering that they are able to completely change the appearance. This is beyond the power of women. But men can change quite easily.

Of course, how many people, as many existopinions. Some people like unshaven guys, but some do not. Someone is quite willing to endure a stiff bristle on the cheeks of a loved one, while in others it causes irritation. Representatives of the stronger sex should take into account not only the fashion trends and their own opinion, which may be erroneous, but also the wishes of the lady of the heart.


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