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French coat on legs - exquisite beauty

French jacket on legs

Any modern girl knows the truethe importance of pedicure. Well-groomed legs always add charm to its owner. The French pedicure and all its varieties have been popular for a long time and do not go out of fashion. Its versatility and the ability to match any of the above provide a popularity for girls of different ages. Particularly beautiful jacket looks on a tanned body. At the same pedicure is always neat and gives grooming to the feet.

Some girls think that doing a pedicureit is necessary only in the summer. However, this position is fundamentally wrong, since it is necessary to follow the legs throughout the whole year so that you can wear open shoes without hesitation in the summer.

Features of execution of a jacket on legs

  1. Nails on legs, as a rule, file in the form of a square. The corners are slightly rounded. This ensures the accuracy of the pedicure.
  2. Particular attention when performing a jacket on your feet, you need to pay attention to the care of your feet. After all, beautiful skin provides irresistible pedicure.
  3. Necessarily need to cover the nail plate with a fixer. This procedure will help keep the jacket on its feet for a long time.
  4. The width of the edge of the nail, covered with white lacquer, should be no more than 3 mm.

jacket gel on legs

Girls who did not give beautiful to natureshape of the nail plate, or their nails are just very brittle, they are given the opportunity to increase them. It is possible to make a jacket gel, on legs this kind of a pedicure will serve to the mistress about 3-4 weeks. You can also use acrylic.

French on his feet is quite easy to do at home. This will save time and money.

The technology of creating a French pedicure at home

  1. First of all, it is necessary to make a foot peeling with a special tool.
  2. The cuticle needs to be softened with the help of a gel, after which it should be carefully removed with a rubber or wooden stick.
  3. The desired shape of the nail plate is attached to the nail and the grinding is carried out. At the same stage the okolonogte bed is treated.
  4. Massage and hydration of the feet.
  5. The nail is covered with a clear varnish. It is desirable to use a remedy.
  6. After the first coat has dried, the tips need to be covered with white lacquer (special strips can be used to help create an even line).
  7. The final stage of the creation of the French pedicure -applying a third layer of pink, beige or peach color. It is desirable to apply a fixer on top of the varnish, this will help to preserve the beauty of the nails for a longer time.

jacket with legs
Even such a universal kind of pedicure canmake exclusive. Very nice looking jacket on my legs with rhinestones. You can use not only a white varnish for tips, but any desired colors. Nails can be decorated with painted lace. In general, this is a huge field for imagination.

In addition to beautiful marigolds, the ownerthe French pedicure will get well-groomed, soft skin of the feet. In addition, the technology of creating this pedicure will help to maintain the health and beauty of the nail plate.


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