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Men's hairstyles for medium length hair: features, interesting ideas and recommendations

Every year the fashion changes its rules.Fashion trends refer to every detail of a person's appearance. Therefore, there are a variety of options for men's hairstyles. Every member of the stronger sex can choose his or her suitable haircut. Modern fashion is represented both by classical variants of haircuts, and by creative and non-ordinary.

men's hairstyles for medium length

The right hairstyle - the same inalienablea detail of the image, like clothes. Unsuitable to the image of a hairstyle can spoil the appearance of a man. Most representatives of the stronger sex prefer hairstyles with an average length of hair. Therefore, it is so important to know some features of the choice of haircuts.

Beauty, austerity and practicality

Men's hairstyles for medium length have a lot of options, as, indeed, women's. Haircuts emphasize the contours of the man's face, style and character traits.

There is no doubt convenience and practicalityhairstyles for medium length hair. Male haircuts are practical especially with an active rhythm of life. But short hair is not to people who periodically change their style and image.

hairstyles for medium length mens hair

Therefore, men's hairstyles of medium length are so popular. It is important to choose the right haircut.

How to choose a haircut

When choosing an ideal hairstyle, you needtake into account every detail of the male appearance. The development of the modern computer industry even offers a special program that allows you to choose a hairstyle to the type of appearance virtually. In addition, this development greatly facilitates the work of the stylist. The master has only to finish the job, because the final result has already been displayed on the computer screen.

This program is now widely used inbeauty salons, so pay attention to it. An experienced hairdresser will offer you several options for haircuts, and with the help of the service you will be able to determine whether the chosen hairstyle is suitable for the type of appearance.

  • If you have an oval face shape, then men's hairstyles for medium length hair are your option. Such a facial type is so loved by hairdressers because of its universality.
  • Round face shape.You will not be suitable for all men's hairstyles with an average length of hair. Variants with a smaller volume will visually fill the face, which with such a form is simply unacceptable. Ideal option will be elongated strands in the temporal part and shortened at the nape.
  • Triangular shape of the face. You will go multi-level men's hairstyles. Wavy hair of medium length is more difficult to cut in a similar manner than straight from nature. Everything depends on the skill of the stylist.
  • If you have an angular face, then a haircut with an averagelength of hair will help soften facial contours. In this case, you need to focus on the bulk hair at the back of the head. Perfectly look male hairstyles for thick hair of medium length in a similar performance. In addition, the hairdresser should pay attention to the stiffness, thickness of the hair and the type of the client's figure. Soft hair is easier to manipulate than hard.


A customer with an average length of hair is a find forthe hairdresser. Carrying a haircut, the stylist must follow certain rules. The execution of the conceived can be carried out in two ways. The length of all strands can be the same or different.

Men's Hairstyles with an average length of hair

There are enough optionsperformance. You can make long front strands in conjunction with a cropped neck or vice versa. In the process of creating a hairstyle, special attention is paid to the temporal zone.

Man's hairstyles for curlyhair of medium length. Here you need the experience of a hairdresser. Because of the special hair texture, the haircut elements are difficult to distinguish. Curly hair fits perfectly with an elongated bangs.

It is worth noting that men's hairstyles for medium length will become a camouflage for owners of protruding ears.

Eternal classic

Now most popular are men's hairstyles inclassic style. This is a kind of nostalgic trend of the atmosphere of the fifties, when it was possible to comb the elongated strands on one side. To maintain the shape of this hairstyle, styling tools are used.

Men's hairstyles for thick hair of medium length

Fashion for elongated strands and bangs appeared many years ago, when the image of Elvis Presley was very popular. Many star personalities also prefer this option.

Creative image in the style of gavrosh

Gipping in the style of Gavroche appeared relativelyrecently. Characterize this type of hairstyle can be as follows: short-cut lateral and temporal strands in combination with long hair at the nape. This is the most popular option now for haircuts among young people. The length of hair from behind can be any, here everything depends on the individual preferences of the client.

In addition, for haircuts in the style of Gavroche characterized by lacerated edges and any creative solutions. But for men who have crossed the 30-year age limit, this option is unacceptable.

Favorite quads

Kare - hairstyle from the distant 90's. Characterized by the presence of even elongated strands and bangs. More than 10 years ago, quads were very popular among men.

Kare does not need a special description, because thisthe hair is familiar to almost every person. Thanks to the simple design and smooth lines, the male image is romantic and attractive. In particular, the quads fit well with the beard.

masculine hairstyles wavy hair medium length

When performing the haircut, it is important to consider one thing: the hair will become shorter after drying.

Grunge Style

Men's hairstyles for medium length in grunge styledesigned to emphasize individuality. This direction in the hairdresser's art appeared several years ago. Most often men choose a hairstyle with shaven temples framed by a long oblique bangs. Stylists say that grunge style hairstyles are ideally combined with hair coloring or high styling.

Under this style, you can draw almost anyhaircut, an important condition is the creation of imposing or careless shade or hair styling. Looking at a man, should give the impression that he has stalled the minimum amount of time for styling.

Hair care tips

Presence of appearance - much morea significant aspect than a fashionable hairstyle. Therefore, it is so important to monitor the purity of the hair. The tips below, provided that the man will perform them, will help to look always the best.

  1. Daily washing of the head should become a habit.For the purity of the hair you need to follow constantly, and not when you want it. In addition, daily washing protects from the appearance of seborrhea or dandruff.
  2. For water rinsing, only water of room temperature is suitable.
  3. It is important to use a quality shampoo. It is better to choose a suitable tool for your hair structure.
  4. Do not ignore the moisturizing and nourishing balms that can strengthen the hair roots and give shine.
  5. Drying is a special procedure that requires certainknowledge. Dry hair is better not in the bathroom, but in any other room. You can not use additional parts to heat the hair dryer, it is better to dry your head with blowing.
  6. To comb it is desirable natural combs.
  7. Head massage will help to strengthen hair follicles.
  8. As a styling means that supports the hair, you can use a small amount of varnish.

 Men's hairstyles for curly hair of medium length

The average length of hair is most popular among men. In addition, haircuts at this length will help to emphasize the individuality and image of a man.


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