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Wedding hairstyles for long hair: a variety of options

For owners of long hair there isa huge selection of options for the design of the wedding hairstyle. Styling, smooth strands or curls - wedding hairstyles for long hair can be completely different. But to choose

Wedding hairstyles for long hair
The optimal option is to follow a few simple rules.

First of all, the choice of a master whowill conjure over the bride's hair. From his skill, agility and imagination, very, very much depends. Wedding hairstyles for long hair - this is a complex process, which will not cope with "experts" first salon. In a hurry, these hairstyles are not done. It should be remembered that a wedding is a celebration for the whole day, during which it is necessary to look perfect and dazzling. Therefore, the quality of the styling is extremely important, since a weakly fixed hairdo will simply disintegrate after several hours, and too sprayed with a varnish head will look unnatural. The choice of the master is a separate important stage in the wedding preparation. Best of all, if it is a familiar, proven specialist who will be ready to fulfill any desire of the bride.

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

Wedding hairstyles for long hair are variedand numerous. Before stopping to choose one or the other of them, you need to mentally "try it on" the form of the face, the general image, the future make-up and the dress. It is possible that the hairstyle, which looks great on the model, does not fit a particular bride.

The most common wedding hairstyles forLong hair is based on creating volume, splendor, pleating. One of the options - to wind hair on large hair curlers, dry and lay wavy strands in any order. Then the hair must be fixed with a varnish and decorated. For decor you can use flowers, pearls or rhinestones.

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair, likerule, start with curlers. All hair must be wound, dried. After that, you can make parting, combing the back of your head and picking up curls. Carefully smooth your hair, give your hair a smooth look. For decoration, you must use accessories that match your dress. Hairstyle must be fixed with a sufficient number of special means.

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair
Very relevant and feminine wedding hairstylesfor medium length of hair with pleating. The roots of the hair remain straight, and some of the strands are corrugated. With a stepped hairstyle, this type of hairstyle looks particularly impressive.

For long thin hair, additional volume is required. To achieve it is quite easy with the help of mousse and waving in strings. Then the locks should be neatly laid on top and fixed.

An even simpler version is curled locks that are slightly attached to the sides, whipped on the back of the head and decorated with hairpins.

And the classic of the genre is still the pony tail. The strands gathered on the vertex are curled, naschesyvayutsya and bend inward. The bangs are best left smooth and straight.

The main thing in a wedding hairstyle is that she liked the bride and was the embodiment of her dream.


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