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Brown is a hair color?

The word "brown" has French roots - châtainmeans "chestnut" from the name of the famous tree "chestnut" châtaigne. The shades of the fruit color of this tree are natural and very diverse. The brown is what color of hair? Chestnut shades of hair, too, are usually so individual that it is not easy to repeat them even to a highly skilled craftsman. So the opinion that this brown hair is deeply mistaken. It is wrong to refer the brown-haired to almost brunettes. So the brown-haired woman - what color hair? Their hair color is deeply individual and perfectly matches the color of the skin.

Brown-haired women are, first of all, ownersdark blond hair. In the current season, this color is at the height of fashion. All natural shades of a dark-brown scale, are now highly appreciated. When recruiting models to showcase the collections of the best designers, the advantages were just yesterday's "gray mice." Brown, what color is that hair? Girls with light fair hair - also brown-haired, and not blondes, which they mistakenly believe. This wonderful color is found most often in girls with Slavic roots, which are known throughout the world for their beauty.

Everyone knows that men (and gentlemen, and no!) Prefer blondes. And men, what color hair and why women love?
Scientists already in our time have established a connectiontemperament and hair color. Science has detected an increased amount of testosterone in the blood of men with dark curly hair. Sociological surveys found that women in their preferences use both natural intuition and stereotypes.

Half a century ago, all the roles of romanticheroes-lovers in the famous films went exclusively to the brunettes - Clark Gable, Gregory Peku, Alain Delon, finally. In our time - on the contrary, the blondes Brad Pitt and David Beckham. Probably now the chances will be and with the brown-haired. Their turn has come! Brown is a hair color? A man with chestnut hair is not as visible in appearance as a bright brunette or blond, so a man-brown man tries to please a woman with his personal qualities. By the way, most women note balanced character in the shatens, gallantry and courtesy. What, you see, is not so bad.

The virtues of not only the brown-haired, but also the brown-haired woman areself-control and high resistance to stress. As a rule, people with this hair color first find a way out of a difficult situation. Brown, what color is that hair? This should be studied by personnel managers, so as not to miss very valuable employees. And, the truth, according to statistics, brown-haired women more often than women with a different hair color make a successful career. At home in everyday life these qualities are also not superfluous.

And if the brown-haired woman has dyed her hair? Really, coming out of the barber's blonde, she instantly becomes stupid, and, having painted in red - becomes tempted temptress?

Brown - what is the color of hair?Recolored, willing to make a career blonde or redhead can immediately acquire analytical skills! Is it funny? In addition to jokes - not only the image changes, but the character traits. Simply every person tries to correspond to what is expected of others. And the girls, who became brown-haired, begin to use the head not only for wearing a hat. Or maybe it's better not to take chances and stay yourself?

What colors are suitable for brown-haired women?It is not recommended to abuse pure black and pure white. Dark brown-haired women with soft skin go soft shades of pink and yellow. They will also be decorated with a coffee shade of brown and purple. If the eyes of the brown-haired woman are green, then the colors of the turquoise range and the deep bottle green are perfect. Owners of light skin and light eyes go golden colors and gentle-lilac tones of violet. But brown lipstick brownies should be avoided. They will use dark pink and ruby-red tones.


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