/ How to remove hair permanently?

How to remove hair permanently?

If the man for removingundesirable vegetation on the face, can simply use a razor, and the growing hairs on his skin will not cause dislike, but rather serve as a confirmation of his brutality, then women are much more complicated. Due to the high content of male hormones in the blood or any hormonal failures, many women may begin to grow a beard or mustache. How to make sure that this does not happen? Or is it easier: how to remove facial hair permanently?

There are many ways that salons offerbeauty. All of them are expensive and require your endurance: pain and irritation are not excluded. This is elos-epilation, photoepilation, laser hair removal and electro-epilation. For details on each of these methods, you should contact the beauty salons and beauty centers that provide these types of services.

Another interesting thing:how to remove hair permanently folk remedies? This is much cheaper, and most importantly, no less effective than hair removal with the help of cosmetologists. In addition, you can do this kind of hair removal on your own, at any time convenient for you. It seems that this is the ideal way to remove hair permanently, not only on the face, but also on other problem areas in terms of hairiness zones.

The first way of folk cosmetology, which wewe want to offer you, is as follows: combine the juice of 1 large lemon with 200 grams of sugar. Stir until the sugar dissolves, then put the mass on the fire. You can add 1 teaspoon of citric acid, mixed with 8 tablespoons of water instead of lemon juice. We put the resulting mixture on the fire, after which it is necessary to bring it to a boil. Then lightly cool and thinly coat your problem areas. This compound should be kept on the skin for no more than fifteen minutes, so as not to cause irritation. After this, you need to quickly remove the mixture with a stick from the depilation cream. But one this operation will not solve the issue of how to remove hair permanently. Supplement it with a daily rubbing into the skin of a peculiar mixture, which is prepared from 1 cup of cedar raw nut and 2 glasses of vodka. Mix these ingredients, and then insist them in a cool and dark place for about 4 weeks. The way is effective, many women praise him.

Another option, how to remove hair permanently,is as follows: first crush the shell of pine nuts, then collect 2 tablespoons of this shell. This ingredient should be filled with water in an amount of 1 cup, preferably boiled. Then put the mixture on a fire and heat for 15-20 minutes. After that, cool, let it brew for 2 hours. Lubricate problem hairy areas with a cotton swab.

There are more extreme ways to combathair bulbs. For example, some folk recipes recommend using dope, nettle seeds, etc. These solutions are poisonous, but with careful use they will not harm the experimenter, but on the contrary, help to solve the problem of how to remove hair permanently. So, the raspberry with the nettle seeds is prepared as follows: the seeds must be carefully grinded, then pour 4 tablespoons of sunflower oil and put in a dark place so that the mixture is infused. Keep it in this dark place for a week, and then use it for its intended purpose. Some use for this purpose a solution of iodine with ammonia. Legs need to be smeared with this remedy every day until they become perfectly smooth. However, this procedure is better in the cold season: a brown shade of iodine will scare people away from you.

These folk remedies have existed for many years,but are they really effective, if for some reason they all still prefer a banal shaving machine or depilatory creams? But sometimes the risk is justified ... Experiment carefully!


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