/ / "Estelle", a palette of flowers: there is where to fool up fantasies

"Estelle", a palette of flowers: there is where to fool up fantasies

Every woman, regardless of age, triesto look always only in the best way. To achieve this goal as quickly as possible, you can make up or change your hair, but it's better to change the color of your hair. Nowadays the market is saturated with all sorts of hair colors, with which a brunette can easily turn into a blonde, and a blonde into a brunette.

"Estelle", a palette of flowers

Estelle color palette
If you prefer to use the serviceshairdressers, then you do not need to think about how he uses hair dye to achieve the desired result. But if you dye your hair yourself, then you will undoubtedly have to understand all the variety of colors, choose the right shade or color for your hair. What is the "Estelle" paint? The color palette is a kind of matrix or map, in which all colors of cream paints and hair colors are presented. In fact, the palette is the standard of the color that is obtained by coloring the hair with a particular remedy. Often on the box is presented one color, but in the end it turns out a completely different shade. That's why in each package of this brand there is a special booklet in which all the samples painted in a certain color or shade are shown - this differs from other brands in the paint "Estelle". The color palette in such a book helps every woman to understand approximately what color she will get after dyeing her hair, because the photo on the box with the paint is one thing, and the result may be different.
Estelle color paint palette
With the help of this booklet there is an opportunitypick the right shade and easily remember the favorite tone, in order to further orient yourself in the color scheme. The color palette is presented so that you can quickly find the right option. Above there are light colors of paint, and below - dark.

Professional hair dye "Estel"

The palette of colors places shades for redheads,blondes and brunettes in different places. First you need to select the gamma of interest, and then its hue. If you need to radically change the tone of hair, then you can not do without "Estelle". The palette of colors of this paint gives complete freedom of choice. In order to achieve the desired color, any woman can accurately pick up the shade she liked and change the tone of her hair.

Paint composition

Professional hair dye Estelle color palette

The paint palette is represented by a hugea variety of shades and colors that can satisfy even the most capricious ladies' queries, if they need to paint over the gray hair. The hair color "Estel" includes peach oil, green tea extract, mineral complex and PP group vitamins, which favorably affect the scalp and hair, accelerating growth and saving from the adverse effects of bad weather. The paint not only moisturizes and nourishes the hair, but also provides them with additional protection against damage during staining. Thus hair get natural color, become silky and obedient, easily stacked and combed.


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