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Hardware pedicure: reviews of women and basic principles of work

We, women, are constantly watching their faces,hair, hands and so often forget that our feet also need regular care. After all, they are often subjected to constant adverse effects of uncomfortable and cramped footwear. A high unstable hairpin creates an additional load on them. Therefore it is so important to look after them correctly and regularly. And help us in this hardware pedicure. Women's comments about him are mostly positive. So let's figure out how this procedure differs from a conventional pedicure and whether it can be done at home. This is exactly what will be discussed in this article.

History of hardware pedicure

Hardware pedicure, reviews about which you will find inmy article, in Russia appeared relatively recently. It turns out that in Europe this method has been known for more than 40 years. He first appeared in Germany. This happened when the German firm Gerlach ventured to implement the achievements of dental technology in foot care products. Now this device is widely used in beauty salons. It should be noted that now anyone who wishes can buy it and conduct similar procedures at home.

Differences between classical and hardware pedicure

hardware pedicure reviews

The main difference between the hardware pedicure andclassical - this is the replacement of a water bath for steaming the skin of the feet with special softener compounds. That is, in this process, water is not needed at all. But about how to do hardware pedicure, we will talk below.

Stages of the procedure

And now let us consider the main stages of this method of foot care:

  1. Softening of the skin with special compositions. To do this, you only need to apply the product on the skin of your feet and withstand the time specified in the instructions.
  2. Foot treatment with a special grinding head.
  3. Treatment of the skin around the nail and cuticle with a round nozzle.
  4. Cutting the cuticle with a small nozzle.
  5. Correction of the length of nails with the help of nippers.
  6. Sanding nail plates using a nozzle made of white stone. Be careful, at this stage it is easy to get a microtrauma.
  7. Removal of the remnants of the softening composition from the skin with a stop towel.

On this you can finish the hardware pedicure.Comments of women using this type of foot care indicate that after the procedure there is a pleasant feeling of lightness and comfort. After the session, it will be useful to lubricate the skin of the legs with any nutritious or regenerating cream.

Advantages of this method

how to make a hardware pedicure

Do you still doubt if it's worth trying this kind of pedicure? Then I will tell you about its advantages. So, they are as follows:

• Hygiene due to lack of water during its conduct;

• security;

• Absence of discomfort and painful sensations during the procedure;

• the effect of smoothness of the skin lasts longer than with the classical pedicure;

• the solution of such problems as "ingrown nail", thickening of the nail plate, calluses;

The high price is the only negative

hardware pedicure prices

By cons are only the costprocedures. The hardware pedicure, the price of which varies from 1300 to 2,000 rubles in various salons, costs much more than its classical counterpart. Here you can recommend buying a device for home hardware pedicure and doing this procedure at home. Maybe, the first time you will not succeed. But a little time and patience, and you will be able to show off your well-groomed legs.

Summing up

Thus, we found out that it is quite possible inat home make yourself a hardware pedicure. Comments of women who tested this method, indicate that the procedure did not cause much difficulty. However, do not forget that the technique can sometimes fail. So be very careful. If you are not sure that you can do everything correctly and accurately, then it is more prudent to entrust this matter to professionals.


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