/ What color of hair is fashionable in 2015?

What color of hair is fashionable in 2015?

Every fashionista already knows that to change herthe image is possible with the help of a new hair color. In 2015, fashion trends prepared for the fair sex representatives new shades and types of staining. The choice of the color of hair for every taste. In a fashion both natural shades, and the most unusual.

For those who decided to change the image, current trends in the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons are prepared. This year in fashion both natural and very original shades.

hair color is fashionable

About natural color

The most natural hair color is fashionable this seasonmore than ever. Professional masters distinguish this trend and recommend that all women of fashion forget about creative staining. Nothing can replace natural beauty. Therefore, you should pay attention to the natural blond, dark and red hues. You can also choose a color with a bluish tint, it will look spectacular.

Those who have already dyed hair in a natural color, hairdressers recommend to make the shade a little darker, or vice versa.

In the fashion of natural blondes

When choosing a light shade of hair, givepreference is given to colors with a natural warm color. Of these, the most popular are sand, honey, golden and copper tones. The trend does not provide artificial puppet shades. Therefore, it is better to forget about them. An exception can be considered short haircuts with ash color.

Beauties who prefer to dye their hair in a shade, a couple of tones different from the previous one, it is better to use special tonics. So you can take care of your beauty.

fashionable hair color summer

For bright brunettes

Those ladies who have brown eyes and swarthy skin, it is recommended to repaint hair in rich dark shades. Black hair color fashionable in the current season, you can even black withbluish or purple tint. He will not only emphasize natural beauty, but also give the image of mystery. Brownies are suitable for cognac and chocolate tones.

Red is also in fashion

Mods that have red hair are luckymost. Stylists do not limit lovely ladies in shades of this color. It is noticed that the red-haired remains popular for several seasons. The most popular are carrot, copper and ash colors.

what hair color is fashionable

Actual painting techniques

In order not to be mistaken with a suitable shade, it is recommended to make sure that it is suitable for the type of appearance. To do this, you can try on the wig.

Highlighting in California

This is an excellent option, especially with the use ofreddish, which is recognized as a fashionable hair color. Summer gives many ideas for creating an image. The effect of burnt-out tips can be made even in the deep winter.

Gradient Staining

For those who like to experiment onin several colors, gradient staining will be the best option. These are smooth transitions from one shade of hair to another. This hair color is fashionable and also natural.

fashionable hair color spring summer

Stencil staining

Young girls who loveexperiment with their appearance, professionals offer a new trend - stencil staining. The result is shocking all the drawings on the hair. These can be leopard spots or other geometric colors. So the answer to the question about what color of hair is fashionable is ambiguous: of course, there will be no extravagant options.

Unusual colors

Trending trends, and many girls in thisseason prefer some extravagant fashionable hair color. Spring-summer 2015 is a season that allows even sky-blue shades. They are joined and grassy scale. However, stylists do not recommend overdoing this. Try these colors can only desperate and daring beauties.

Professionals do not recommend cardinallygive up your style. Only try a softer and natural shades. Of these, the body-pink, or orange with a red-tint may become ideal. Lovers of all the unusual do not necessarily repaint all the hair. You can make highlights with highlighted bright strands.

Knowing all the major trends of the current year, you canboldly go to beauty salons and transform your image. The natural color of hair is fashionable throughout the year. Therefore, it is important not to overdo artificial shades and enjoy your natural beauty.


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