/ Tattoo on the tongue: procedure, forms, features of the process

Tattoo on the tongue: procedure, forms, features of the process

People practice tattooing at allparts of the body. The most unusual places for drawing can be called eyeballs, fingertips, intimate zones. Therefore it is not surprising that a tattoo lover has a pretty image on the tongue.

tattoo in the language

Possible forms of tattooing

Usually the tattoo in the language is simpleA drawing that embodies a symbol or depicts a cartoon character. It can also be a short word or a geometric figure. Get some intricate story does not seem real because of imperfection and rough surface.

How to make a tattoo in a language

The process of tattooing is not in the languagefundamental differences from the application of conventional tattoos on the skin. Special procedures are used for the procedure. Ink is applied with a fast moving needle, which implants the paint into the epidermis of the tongue. The main difficulty for the client is the fact that you have to keep your tongue sticking out for a long time. But it's not hard to make a tattoo in a language, it takes much less time than on another part of the body. In addition, the procedure is considered fully completed in one short session.

tattoo in the language of meaning

Very often people like the result, and instead ofThey want to have a small composition that covers the entire surface of the organ of speech. But the best place to place the tattoo is its lower part, since the tongue is very soft and moving. The most popular ornament is an inconspicuous star on the tip.

It's painful to do a tattoo in a language

It may seem that stuffing a picture in your mouth -very painful and lengthy procedure. However, the pain from the process is practically no different from the unpleasant sensations when drawing a tattoo on another part of the body, for example, on the arm or neck. The peculiarity is that the tongue does not represent a part of the skin, it is an independent complex of muscles.

Which sketch can I choose

So, which design to choose for a tattoo in the language?Ideas can be any. The main thing is to think in advance beforehand that the figure looks harmoniously in a small size. The most advantageous are simple simple images: a treble clef, an infinity sign, a flower, and other such variants.

tattoo in the language of the idea

Stability of ink

The quality of the material used is largevalue for a good result. From the point of view of the stability of ink, any person will need repeated tinting of the finished tattoo to improve its color palette. But in any case, the color is washed out very quickly due to the moist environment of the oral cavity. First, the drawing begins to "swim" contours, and gradually it can finally disappear. The average durability is several years.


In the language there are more than 5000 taste buds,which are arranged in a certain order for each person. The possibility of drawing a picture on a language is another way of expressing one's own personality. A tattoo in a language whose meaning is known to its owner is a kind of intimate secret. About the existence of any image in the oral cavity does not guess anyone from the environment, if a person does not want to show his language and demonstrate the art depicted on it.

The maximum that can be noticeable during a conversation isdrawing on the tip of the tongue, drawing attention with its unusual color. Most often tattoo in the language is made to indicate a close spiritual connection between relatives or spouses.

The effect of having a tattoo on taste preferences

According to what part of the language the person is stuffingtattoo, you can determine his favorite dishes: the root zone is responsible for bitterness, the front part for salty tastes, the edges are responsible for the acid. The most popular and recognizable sweetness is the tip zone. The central part of the language has almost no taste receptors, so people who choose a tattoo should take into account that the placement of the picture here is a symbol of indifference and lack of joy of life.

Why do people do this?

Despite the pain and complexity of the application, the tattoo onlanguage is becoming a very popular destination. This is unusual, stunning and extremely bold. But in order to express their mood and attitude to the world, people are ready for much, including for such insane acts. The goal is to stand out from the gray mass.


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