/ Keratin Laminating eyelashes. How to create a compelling look

Keratin lamination of eyelashes. How to create a compelling look

Especially popular among female clientssteel procedures associated with eyelashes: build-up, staining, biovavage. They are already used to everything and thought that nothing "cooler" to think at all. It turns out that it is possible, since a new service called "eyelash lamination" has appeared. Reviews about it are still ambiguous, so let's see what kind of "beast" is. Suddenly you are thinking about whether to do it or not? Perhaps this information will help you with the solution.

Laminating eyelashes: a new way to get a compelling look

It is known that the beauty of a woman largely dependsfrom what look radiate her eyes. His magic, languor, attraction are possible only and exclusively thanks to the chic eyelashes that frame the eyes. But not all mother nature gave such a luxurious gift, as long, thick and expressive eyelashes.

Fortunately, today this problem is solved simply. Cilia can be enlarged, curled, stained with a permanent composition, etc. Not so long ago a new beauty product appeared in this area - eyelash lamination.

Laminating eyelashes
We used to hear this word in combination with hair, but because they are eyelashes are parts of one system, so some methods in the "struggle" for the beauty they have in common.

Laminating eyelashes: luxurious eyelashes without build-up

What is this procedure and whicheffect of it? The main difference between laminating eyelashes from other known manipulations is that eyelashes appear even there and for those who have never had them. But this is not the main thing, because it is possible to achieve and much more significant effect by building and waving.

The "chip" of this procedure is in effect"Naturalness". The main purpose of lamination is to make of your eyelashes, even quite rare and thin, long, curved up, thick and chic eyelashes. And this is achieved only with the help of natural ingredients, which not only do not harm eyelashes, but also contribute to their strengthening, growth and nutrition.

A new effective beauty product or marketing move?

For this "answers" keratin - a special kind of protein, necessary for the full development and growth of our hair and eyelashes. Therefore, the procedure is also called "keratin lamination of eyelashes."

Keratin Lamination Eyelash отзывы

Reviews about it are mostly positive.However, there are customers who believe that it is just a marketing step, since in practice, under its guise, a comprehensive procedure is proposed out of the build-up and biopsy of eyelashes. Most likely, we are talking about individually taken dishonest salons in hand. Since the keratinization of the eyelashes is a procedure that is fundamentally different from such technologies as lengthening and biopotting of eyelashes.

How is the procedure performed

It takes no more than an hour, there is no "rehabilitation" period after it. Just do not wash your eyes within 24 hours after the procedure. In the rest - no restrictions and prohibitions.

It consists of 5 stages, which include:preparation of eyelashes for the procedure (cleansing and degreasing), applying a nourishing cream on the eyelids, lifting eyelashes with a silicone pad, treatment of the eyelashes with a special fixator and the last step is the "introduction" of keratin with coloring pigments. In this case, the shade is chosen by the client of 5 existing colors.

As a result, the girl becomes the ownerswirling up, voluminous, strong eyelashes, which will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, in the view there is a special languor, thanks to the unique coloring pigments. And this is all created from your own eyelashes, without "gluing" the alien elements. Moreover, laminating eyelashes is also a caring procedure, so you can not be afraid for the negative consequences of its use.

Lamination eyelash price

Advantages and contraindications for eyelash lamination

Хорошая новость состоит в том, что эффект длится up to 3 months. In this case, you can safely swim and swim in any water, wear contact lenses, use any cosmetic means, wash and apply makeup.

Cosmetologists say that lamination is irreplaceablein the summer, when there is no place for "heavy" makeup, when you are on vacation near the sea or when you need to look like "just from the stylist" at any time of the day or night.

It is not recommended for pregnant women, during lactation, if there are eye diseases.

Laminating eyelashes at home

Question price

Many people are interested in how much lamination costseyelashes? The price is not small, on the average is 4-odd thousand rubles, which is several times more expensive than build-up or bio-zavivka. Expensive because the product is exclusive, owned by a Swiss company on sole rights. No one else in the world does this. The company is called Yumi Lashes, also called the technology of eyelash treatment.

There are lovers of all the procedures to do in socalled home conditions. Laminating eyelashes at home can not be done, since this procedure is exclusively branded, salon. If we are talking about the purchased composition of keratin and its use for eyelashes, the consequences of such a step may be far from what you expect to get as a result.


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