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Eyebrows with a kink - what shape will suit you? How to make a brow with a kink?

Every woman, regardless of age andThe social status tends to look charming. Representatives of the fair sex spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, trying to correctly emphasize their natural beauty. The first thing that attracts attention is the hair and look of the girl. Even before the arrival of our makeup tools in an ideal condition, the head of the hair was helped by various vegetable oils. At the present stage, the beauty of hair and face depends on the skills of hairdressers and the development of cosmetology companies.


Correcting your appearance

It is difficult not to agree that neat eyebrows (withfracture, round, straight or curved) directly affect the facial expression and, of course, the appeal of the look. The male half of humanity is more fortunate in this sense - they do not face such a problem. But for many girls the correct and accurate bending of the eyebrows is the result of the painstaking work of the beautician. Sometimes, many procedures associated with maintaining the beauty of the face, "give" some unpleasant and even painful sensations. This applies to the process of eyebrow correction. However, before you tackle the tweezers, you need to understand what kind of face you have. And in accordance with the conclusion, we are already beginning to adjust the eyebrows and give them the type they liked. It should be remembered that with a properly selected line, you can slightly change the shape of the face. So, the elongated oval can be slightly shortened by raising the tips of the eyebrows upward. "Comma" over the outer eyelid will help make the square face more rounded.

Eyebrow with a kink: read character

It is noteworthy that this particular form isthe most common among the representatives of show business. Eyebrows with a broken look refined and somewhat predatory. They attract views to the top of the face and focus attention on the woman's eyes and their expression.

eyebrows with a soft break

By the way, it is the eyebrows (with a kink or "house"round or straight) indicate the nature of their possessor. There is even a special methodology that deals with the study of man's temperament and temperament, depending on the features of his face. Its name is physiognomy. She qualifies eyebrows as a major feature of a strong and independent character. Under this description, the greater part of the fair sex. Eyebrows of this form are often adorned with faces of powerful, bright, confident, self-sufficient and intelligent women.

Famous personalities and their preferences

Note that many Hollywoodactresses and singers have eyebrows with a kink. Photo Megan Fox, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and many other divas of the film and music industry is proof of this. The searing beauty and former participant of the once popular band "Spice Girls" Victoria Beckham has a pronounced triangular type of face. But this does not prevent her from having eyebrows with a soft break. On the contrary, a smooth but clearly visible transition from a wider part of the arc to a narrow strip gives a special expressiveness to her pretty face.

Broken eyebrows as an anti-aging remedy

how to make a brow with a kink

This form not only helps to emphasizeindividuality and bright character of the lady, but also is a magical anti-aging agent for the face. The visual strength of the eyebrows with a kink is great: they lighten the heavy forehead, reduce the chubby cheeks and emphasize the cheekbones. All these changes are visual. However, in combination, they help to give the person a more mischievous and cheerful appearance. Thanks to this, others will take you for a girl, several years younger than her real age. But in the intention to rejuvenate, do not overdo the stick. Some ladies so swiftly direct the tip of the arc upwards, that this makes them the owners of a constant surprised expression. And this, you see, is slightly stupid.

Do I trust a specialist

If nature has given a woman a brow with a kink, thenno good master will advise her to change their form. This line is always popular and suitable for almost every lady, regardless of the type of person. Therefore, many beauties are interested in the question of how to make eyebrows with a kink. The best way is to contact a specialist. He not only does everything necessary, but also advises the best options for the future care of the eyebrows.

In order to independently determine the break point, you must perform a preliminary work consisting of three steps:

  1. We take a pencil.We put it in butt and parallel to the nasal nostril. Where the pencil passes through the brow region, we place a mark. Hair that extends beyond the edge of this point (closer to the bridge of the nose) is removed with the help of special tools (tweezers, threads and others).
  2. Then tilt the pencil in such a way that itspart passed through the pupil and eyebrow. We mark the upper intersection point on the arc. This will be the place of the kink. From this position, the eyebrow will decrease and become thinner.
  3. Now turn the pencil so that itpassed through the base of the nose and the corner of the eye. Automatically, the line crosses the brow. All those hairs that are located abroad (closer to the temples) are subject to removal.
    eyebrow with a broken photo

Painlessly eradicating unnecessary

Now everything is ready for the main process:giving the eyebrows the right shape with a kink. For this, from below, from the upper eyelid, it is necessary to remove the hairs evenly. It is desirable to perform this procedure after taking a bath. After thermal operations, the skin becomes softer, and the process of removing the hairs is less painful. Another option to reduce discomfort is the use of ordinary ice: wipe the superciliary area with a frozen slice and proceed to the next procedure.

In the process, we gradually move from a widerparts of the arc to a narrower one. In the place of the alleged fracture we pull out a few more hairs. If the shape takes a more round look, you need to adjust the eyebrow and the top. Do not forget about the tip of the arc: it should not "drain" to the corner of the eye. In correctly corrected eyebrows, the tail line should be directed to the upper line of the auricle.

how to draw a brow with a house

It is also necessary to remember that the break pointThe eyebrows should be slightly further than the center of the pupil. Ideally - right behind him. The fracture should be shifted from the beginning of the eyebrow to 2/3 and look at the temple. Then the drawing will be correct.

Variation of the broken arc

If the place of transition is located directly abovepupil, then you, most likely, will get another form of eyebrows - "house". Unlike the previous version, this type has a slightly different structure. And it is not suitable for everyone. Owners of a small round face with large eyes this form will come in handy. But the ladies who by nature have small or not very expressive eyes, makeup artists categorically do not recommend such a form.

Positive moment of the eyebrows "house" istheir amazing ability to visually expand the space between close-set eyes. Thanks to this option, the face takes a more affable and open expression.

how to make a shape of eyebrows a house

Working steps

Let's consider how to make the shape of the eyebrows "house" correctly. For this it is necessary to go through three stages:

  1. The first step is always the same: we determine the point of the beginning of the eyebrow. It should be aligned with the edge of the nostril.
  2. We find the highest point - the peak of the "house". It is located directly above the center of the pupil.
  3. The line that visually connects the base of the nose and the corner of the eye will also be the location of the end point of the eyebrow. In this case, the tail should be slightly lowered and look into the center of the auricle.

Now we start plucking. In contrast to eyebrows with a kink, in the variant "house" it is necessary to remove some more hair, especially it concerns the center.

shape of eyebrows small house

Drawing eyebrows

In order not to be disappointed in the end result, you can resort to the help of a master. And you can experiment at home yourself to see if this or that line is right for your face.

How to draw eyebrows "house" or other form?For the ongoing process, you can use dark and white cosmetic pencils. They can successfully replace shadows. White shade paints unnecessary, in your opinion, hairs, and draw a dark pencil in the form you like. If the result suits - proceed to the immediate plucking process. A negative option will pay attention to other forms of eyebrows: can a soft-cut eyebrow be an ideal line for your face?


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