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Style "Lolita": description, outfits

Style "Lolita" - the original invention of the 70'syears, which has been popular for several decades. The homeland of this fashion trend, which absorbed some features of rococo and baroque, is considered to be Japan, and it has no direct relation to the work of the same name by Nabokov. Innocence and infantilism are the main features of the style, which today has won the hearts of not only Japanese women, but also women from other countries of the world.

Style "Lolita": varieties

The direction popular in Japan and for itslimits, is multifaceted. The most popular was the classic style of "Lolita." His devoted followers prefer dresses made in low-key colors, like brown, burgundy, beige. For them, actual geometric and natural patterns, of which the most popular cell and flower. Characteristic is also a small amount of lace, allowing girls to look like dolls. The hair is laid in soft waves.

Lolita style

The direction is popular among girls,who like the gloomy style. Gothic "Lolita", of course, all other colors prefer black. Also used are the shades of sea waves, maroon and milky tones. A characteristic feature of the gothic variety is a bright make-up, in which dark tones predominate.

"Sweet" style "Lolita", absorbed the featuresrococo, also finds his admirers. They prefer to wear clothes that look shabby, made in pastel colors, mostly pinkish. Also for the variety, it is typical to combine in one ensemble black and white colors. As headgear, girls use berets and cylinders, it is easy to learn "sweet" "Lolit" and on the abundance of ribbons.


So, what is the average Japanese"Lolita"? Style means the love of his follower to dresses and skirts to the knee, which is shaped like a bell. However, girls can try on shorter or longer models. The effect of splendor is provided by such details as crinolines and lower skirts. Also, women wear pants.

Japanese Lolita style

Typical ornaments for dresses are ruffles and ruches,the presence of ribbons and bows is necessary. Presence of sleeves is mandatory, and their length can be absolutely any. Style in the clothes "Lolita" involves the creation of clothes from natural materials. The most common are flax, cotton, silk. This is due to the fact that natural fabrics easily crumple, which allows you to achieve the effect of light negligence, characteristic of the style.


Of course, "Lolita" does not abandon itsfavorite style and with the onset of the cold period. At this time, they are traditionally dressed in jackets, jackets, coats. Of course, girls are not all models are suitable. Style "Lolita" assumes a tight bodice of the bodice, the presence of a skirt-sun. Sleeves have a special bend, there are assemblies at the top.

style gothic lolita

Also "Lolita" in autumn and winter is easy to learn bycollars-racks, large metal buttons that adorn coats and jackets. Even in winter they do not allow themselves trousers or jeans that do not fit into the infantile style at all.


Of course, and to the shoes makes certaindemands this style in clothes. "Lolita" should wear shoes on a platform or high heels. Also, if desired, can afford bulky shoes. Some girls prefer children's models, such shoes do not have a heel, they are easy to recognize by an elegant strap that fastens in front.

Lolita style

Talking about shoes, it is impossible not to mention suchattributes of style, like golfs, which will never forget to wear Japanese "Lolita". Style allows instead of socks to use pantyhose, stockings. Of course, they are also decorated with ribbons, bows. Another characteristic feature is the pantaloons. They serve not only to give the skirt a splendor, but also as a symbol of innocence, which the followers of this trend try to emphasize in their image.


Girls who like the style of "Lolita", rarelyare displayed in public without headgear. Many of them like hats, and the choice of styles is limited only by imagination. The followers of style put on fussy caps, elegant cylinders, flirtatious straw hats.

Of course, the headgear worn at will."Lolita" can give preference to such alternative as bows, elastic bands, hairpins, with the help of which tails and pigtails are created. The main thing is that as a result, the girl looked childishly charming.

Makeup and hairstyle

Dress in the style of "Lolita" requires an appropriatemakeup, which is capable of both improving the image, and hopelessly spoil it. Even those girls who like the Gothic variety of direction, when creating makeup should not forget about moderation. At their service is an extension mascara, which is applied by means of several strokes, as well as a soft lipstick. Ideally, lipstick should be abandoned in favor of a transparent luster, the use of which will help emphasize the innocence of the image. If it is a question of creating a Gothic image, the powder is used to provide the effect of "porcelain" skin.

lolita dress

Locks are something with which many rightlyis associated with children's style. Curling hair, the girls strengthen their external resemblance to porcelain toys. Lolitam also traditionally likes bangs. When creating hairstyles, as already mentioned, various ribbons and bows are actively used. Many style lovers prefer to wear long hair, however, there are exceptions.


Accessories - something without which it will not lookfinished image, the creation of which used the style of "Lolita". At school, at a walk, at a party, girls are not shown without a variety of plush toys, original children's handbags, books.

Lolita style in school

Obviously, the choice of accessories depends on the fact,what kind of style did Lolita choose for herself? For example, girls who like the "sweet" option, use milkshakes, lollipops. "Village Lolita" (there is such a variety) prefer woven baskets that successfully replace their bags, carry sewing with them. However, all the followers of this trend, without exception, like umbrellas, preferring original products with a decor in an emphatically childlike style.

Lolita and dress code

Infantile style is like not only schoolgirlsand students, it is nowadays preferred by many working women. Given the dress code adopted in many companies, they do not wear fluffy dresses, use only skirts with shirts or blouses. However, they do not refuse frills, bows and ruches of "Lolita", which make a career, they just remember about moderation.


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