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Is it priviled to help? The true meaning of the word

If today ask passers-by on the streets of anybig city, what is charity, then they will surely tell you that to behold is to disregard someone, to show him that this person has a low social status. However, people confuse two related concepts - charity and contempt.

Let's talk about them in more detail.

What happens when we despise ...

When we despise, we experience negativeemotions to a person, we are full of arrogance and pride, so let's not respect someone. We consider the deed of some person to be mean, vile, low and believe (deservedly or not) that the person himself is worthy of our contempt.

Thus, the prefix indicates that the speaker would like to distance himself from the phenomenon that he considers unseemly.

Mind is to show mercy

However, quite a different meaning for another word, this word is "ghost". As we can see, a completely different prefix is ​​used here.

In this case, there is another meaning of the word. This expression comes from the verb "to look." It is priviled to provide help and care.

what is charity

Therefore, long in Russia, charitable organizations were called homes of care and charity. In general, the very word "charity" appeared much later.

It turns out that only one letter inthe word prefix depends so much. Distorted meaning. It's one thing to look at someone (for example, a homeless puppy or an orphan) or despise someone (a person whom you do not respect for one reason or another).

Note that these words are single-root.The root of them semantically goes back to the verb "to see" - that is, to see. Therefore, despise - not wanting to see someone, looking at someone, is next to someone, and to look after is, on the contrary, to look after someone, giving him support and help. That is, to wish that the person you are looking after is close to you.

The value of charity

Despite the fact that this word a long time agois considered obsolete in dictionaries, its meaning is very important for society. After all, what is charity, how not the social support that is so necessary for all of us at any historical time ?!

gaze is

And even if today not all our fellow citizens understand the true meaning of this expression, it still remains significant.

По сути дела, задача каждого из нас – понимать the meaning of each expression of our native language, after all, thanks to language, not only the character and way of thinking of an individual person is formed, but the whole nation as a whole.


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