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Hasl: what is it? Meaning of the word

Youth slang is rich and diverse. There are many words, when we say that we blush, but there are those who do not know whether to be embarrassed or not? One of them is Hasl. It's time to figure out what we're talking about.

What does the word "Hasl" mean in English?

Nowadays in Britain and the USA it is compiledset of collections of youth slang. But the interpretation of the word hustle can be found in the literary Oxford dictionary. Literally it means: "noisy activity of a large number of people in one place" or "crush", as well as "to force someone to move faster, pushing him in a rough manner". There is also a "slang" interpretation: "Whatever you do to make money, ... whether it is the sale of cars or drugs. If you "make money," you are engaged in a wasteland. "

Hasl what is

In English-speaking countries this word is widely used in the lexicon of not only young people. Most often it is associated with rogues and amateurs of quick profit.

Answer the question "Hasl - what is it?"Will also help the self-titled British TV series. For 8 seasons, it tells the story of five scammers who devise clever combinations in the best traditions of Ostap Bender.

The first meaning of the word "Hasl" in Russian

Not everyone is accustomed to hear slang in a speech.Especially such a little-known noun as "Hasl". What is meant by this word, did not know Dahl or Ozhegov. In their explanatory dictionaries this slang can not be found. But for the present generation, it is an ordinary part of the lexicon.

The first meaning of the word "Hasl" is success, recognition and authority. He is used with a disdainful tone when they want to emphasize that the goal was achieved dishonestly or without due efforts.

Hasl is this

Hasl often refers to works of modernpop culture. Those that are considered popular without regard for quality and creativity. The main criterion in this case is "fashion" and "advancement" of the work.

In use, the word turned out to be easyrappers, who "lift up" everything that is illegal and dishonest. Teenagers immediately picked up this atmosphere, and many began to use the word "Hasl". At least in talking with your friends.

The second interpretation of the word "Hasl" in Russian

There is one more variant of interpretation.In the spheres of politics and art, Hasl is one who is absolutely ready to do anything to attract media attention to his person. In the course is the so-called "black PR": provocations, scandals, "dirt" against competitors, an appeal to the "Freudian" instincts of man and manipulation of public opinion. They are "masters" of forming an image and effective public relations.

Scammers and speculators certainly know about the meaning of the word "Hasl". What is a "dirty business", they know firsthand.

the meaning of Hasl

Hasl is also called the "product" of rappers' activities - typical meaningless songs with a worn-out plot. All that brings only money, without a hint of cultural value.

Using the word "Hasl" in Russian

As we know, youth slang goes beyondliterary speech. The word "Hasl" is no exception. It should not be used in business reports, even if you want to accuse a partner of fraud. But you can flash with your "modernity" in the youth environment, especially if you want to discuss new trends in rap culture or express your discontent with annoying pop songs. After all, knowing the meaning of the word "Hasl", what is fraud and foppery, you can explain more than masterly.

Often used this "overseas guest" onexpanses of the Internet. "Connoisseurs" of music, movies, dances and chants make their verdicts and enter into fierce verbal battles in which slang and pohlesche can appear. So there is nothing wrong with the "innocent" asshole. This phenomenon is a modern youth culture, which expresses the spirit of our time.


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