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It's banal: the meaning of a word, the use in a speech

Many people often use in conversationthe expression "trite". The meaning of the word is not known to everyone. In order to correctly formulate one's thoughts, it is necessary to approach each expression in the constructed sentence in more detail.

Use in speech

It's banal.The meaning of the word is defined in several words: ordinary, stupid, naive, long known. Also in speech, use as a noun - "banality", and also the adjective - "banal" is permissible. These words are taken for granted things.

trite meaning of the word

Data of the dictionary of foreign words

To determine the origin of the expression"trite", the meaning of the word is worth searching in a foreign dictionary. The origins of the origin lie in the French vocabulary: "banal" from the medieval-lat. "bannum" - public announcement). In the Middle Ages, such an expression determined all the benefits that the vassal was given to permanent use as a duty. So they began to call banal all the common and beaten things of general use, have come to terms with this attitude.

Examples with explanation

The meaning of the word "trite" is easiest to consider on real examples:

  • "This is very corny!"- this expression is used to refer to a typical situation that does not stand out for its uniqueness.The traditionally banal moments in life have the same algorithm and are repeated periodically.
  • "You're talking about trivial things!"- this situation characterizes the usual dialogue, when one of the interlocutors utters aloud things that are already known a priori by everyone and do not require constant reminders.
  • "How trivial it is written!"- such a response can be heard about any written work.It means that the essence of the narrative is not raisin and does not differ in originality.Often such articles are written on a template and describe beaten situations and phrases without bearing any thoughts for reflection.

the meaning of the word is corny

Antonyms and synonyms

"Trite" - the meaning of the word has severaldefinitions with one meaning. Synonyms of the case in question are adjectives: well-known, devoid of originality, uninteresting, ordinary, beaten and others. Opposite words: special, unusual, rare, unique, specific, outstanding, original. Knowledge of synonyms and word atonyms facilitates the process of constructing a sentence, and also helps to diversify the vocabulary. Increasing the level of literacy is the basis of national perfection.


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