/ / Female names on "K": The beauty of sounds

Female names on "K": The beauty of sounds

Among all the variety, the names on "K" attract attention with their meaning and beauty. The article will tell more about them.

What is in my name?

The important role of a name in the life of its owneris indisputable. It is included in the complex of psychological perception of a person as an individual person. Even in ancient times, the name of the newborn was kept secret until some time, in order to protect the baby from the evil eye and dark forces. It was believed that you can not call a child in honor of a person with an unhappy fate, because bad luck can go to the child.

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According to modern psychologists, the name affectsperception of its owner by others. The euphoniousness, some melody of its own name and its good combination with the patronymic and surname have a positive effect on the person and his self-confidence.

Great, when the owner likes his name,seems perfectly suitable. The opposite is the effect of the parents' decision to call the child too exotic. Sometimes they do not think about the future psychological discomfort of the child and the probability of ridicule on the part of peers. What name should I choose?

Female names on the letter "K"

Among female names, unusual,majestic and possessing special energy names on the "K". There are also familiar, for example, Xenia, Cyrus, Carolina. And there are those that seem quite outlandish: the mysterious Kazdoya and Kaleria, the berry Kallinika, the royal Cleopatra, Kallista and Capitolina. One of the brightest names in the names on "K" is Claudia.

name of Klavdia

Klavdia - a name with an interesting background

The name of Claudius is fraught with an imprint of history.It is treated as a female alternative to the ancient male male name Claudius. His Latin root, according to etymological analysis, goes back to the verb "limp". However, this does not mean that the name is devoid of greatness. A girl named Claudia, as a rule, is industrious and gives peace to others. She is confident in the power of her attractiveness and is proud of her, but she will never commit treason or a romance with an unfree man. This is for her taboo.

Claudia is a good wife, she likes to take care offamily, indulge in all the goodies. To choose a spouse suits responsibly, does not rely on the advice of relatives, and focuses on his own heart. A man named Roman, Andrey, Alexey and Victor can become good partners in marriage for Claudia. The most famous women, whose names on "K" brought luck - talented singer Claudia Shulzhenko and blond model with an angelic appearance Claudia Schiffer.


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