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"Crow count": the meaning of phraseology, origin, synonyms and antonyms

What is phraseology? This term refers to the established phrases inherent in a language. Any phraseology consists of several words that unite the common meaning.

Most of these expressions are so deepare rooted in the past, that over time lost their former imagery. Some words in the composition of stable expressions are outdated. Therefore, without knowing the history of the origin of some phraseological units, one can not understand their meaning.

What does it mean to take the crow? This phraseology has some imagery, so its meaning can be guessed.


The phraseology "raven count" has several interpretations:

  1. Be distracted. So talk about inattentive people who are not focused on some kind of work. For example: "He is so bored conducting classes that all the crows consider them."
  2. Sit back. In this sense, the phraseology "crow count" is used when talking about a person who is uselessly spending time. For example: "Instead of counting crows, I would read a book".

crows consider the value of phraseology

The origin of the expression is related to the natural desire for a person to observe the "smaller brothers". Such phraseological units have their own name - zoomorphisms.

Phraseologisms with the word "crow"

With "crow" there are several winged expressions:

  • "The White Crow" is a person different from the others; "not like everyone else."
  • "A crow in peacock feathers" is a philistine; a person who tries to seem who he is not; snob.
  • "Neither a crow nor a crow" is a person with a weak position in life, a dependent person.
  • "Catch the crow" is to miss something important.
  • "To frighten crows" is to look ridiculous, to make laughter your own.
  • "Crows nakarkali" (stress in the first word for the second syllable) - bad weather has come.
  • "Crow's Nest" - shaggy hair on the head.
    what does it mean to consider a raven

Synonyms and antonyms

The meaning of phraseology "crows count" can be conveyed by other stable expressions. Here are some of them:

  • "Hit the buckets." Baklushi - wood blanks for products. Bikieu baklush is one of the easiest works in Russia. From here went phraseology in the sense of "mess around".
  • "To sharpen the lacy". Be engaged in idle chatter, idly spend time. The origin is connected with the work of the master, who sharpened the balusters, ornate, like conversation, objects.
  • "To play the fool." "Fools" - children's toys in Russia.
  • "Drive the idler" - from the word "lazy."
  • "Not to move a finger".
  • "Sit in one's hands".
  • "On the stove to lie."
  • "Lie on your side."
  • "Spit in the ceiling."
  • "Read the flies."

The opposite meaning of the phraseology "raven count" can also be expressed in other turns:

  • "Be careful".
  • "Keep the ears on the vertex."
  • "Be on the alert".
  • "To look in both eyes."
  • "Watch / listen with your mouth open."
  • "Catch every word."

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