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Female names: modern, fashionable, exotic

Once the pregnancy test gave a positiveresult, many future moms immediately begin to look for original male and female names on the Internet for their still unborn children. Modern technology allows you to determine the gender of the child early enough, and then the search circle narrows down to half. Often, the choice of a name is accompanied by family disputes and disagreements, because each of the parents wants to pick up the most sonorous and beautiful name, and the ideas of beauty, as everybody knows, are different.

If you have a daughter ...

Picking up the name in anticipation of the birth of a girl, be sure to ask how important these or other female names are.

women's modern names
Modern parents in pursuit of fashiontendencies sometimes forget that they are short-lived, and a child with this name will have to live a lifetime. Deciding to go for fashion, parents should be prepared for the fact that when the baby grows up, in its nursery group and school most girls will have the same names. At the same time, your rare, exotic name, chosen by you, can cause malicious ridicule of the baby in the yard or in the kindergarten. Here are real examples: Millionaire, Privatization, Will, Zuzha, Fun, Cleopatra, Cinderella, Rowan, Diamond, Queen, Tulip, Ophelia, Viagra, Niva, Emerald. How do you like modern female names? Which of them would you like to live with? I want to draw attention to one more important criterion for choosing a name for a girl who should not be neglected either - her middle name and surname.
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The full name of your baby today, maybe, and soundsvery rarely, but later, when she becomes a young woman, the name will be her business card, a hallmark, a "highlight" in the end. Therefore, it is very important that the name you choose be harmonious, harmonious and beautifully combined with the surname and patronymic.

Is the value of the name important?

Returning to the meaning of the name, I want toto draw the parents' attention to the fact that modern names for girls, sometimes charming with their sound and melody, can put your grown-up daughter in a funny situation. It often happens that in translation from the native language the name means something not quite poetic or even sad. Do loving parents like to see their daughter like this? There is an opinion that given at birth the name leaves its imprint on the whole life and fate of the person, something in its own way changes it. For example, the Spanish name Lolita means "grief" and "sadness", but how beautiful it sounds! Will such a name become a prophecy? And will it be important for young girls Tamara, Evelina and Rachel ("date palm", "hazelnut" and "lamb"), which is not so romantic as they sound, are translated their lovely female names?

modern female names
Modern parents today are deprived of prejudice

Or maybe all this is just superstition, not worthwhileyour attention? And, deciding how to name your favorite daughters, it is enough to choose simply beautiful and harmonious female names, modern, fashionable and very rare? We decide for you, because sometimes we make a choice associatively, giving the children the names of just their beloved women, relatives or movie stars, paying no attention to anything, guided only by their own taste and intuition.


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