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Beautiful, rare female names

For a long time, Soviet times have sunk into oblivion, when ardentthe party members gave their children names such as Kukutzapol (corn is the queen of the fields), Waterpezhekosm (Valentina Tereshkova - the first woman cosmonaut), Tractorina and the notorious Dazdraperma. But there have come other times, now parents have another extreme - to call the child a modern, but not less catchy name, so that not like everyone else. At the women's forums, the themes flashed continually: "We do not know how

rare female names
call my daughter!Prompt beautiful rare female names. " And, of course, the virtual interlocutors gladly give recommendations, relying solely on their own taste. Most often, they are either Old Slavonic names that are in fashion or foreign, which are also very relevant, despite their incompatibility with the name and patronymic.

Well, everyone calls his baby, like himwanting to think little of the fact that one day a lovely, blond boy named Angel will be knocked about this way for 50 years, and the charming baby Aphrodite will grow into a not very attractive girl. Therefore, in order not to tyrannize their children, especially daughters, we suggest paying attention to the rare female names listed below and their meanings.

Alevtina - in fact the same as Valentine, but it sounds softer and meets

beautiful rare female names
less often. Means "strong". Girls named so, very dreamy, impulsive, emotional.

Bella - from Latin translates as "beauty".This name can be either an independent or a diminutive form from Isabella. These rare female names give their possessor sensitivity, curiosity and some impulsiveness.

Vasilisa - it is believed that this is an Old Russian name, but this is not true. This name is Greek, it is translated only as "queen". Owners of this name are very proud, thoughtful and emotional.

rare female names and their meanings
Gella is also a Greek name meaning "solar". These girls are capricious, proud, talented, they know how to settle well in life and like to be pushed around by their husbands.

Dana or Danna - these rare female names bytheir meaning is very similar. Their owners are extremely purposeful people, striving for absolute leadership in everything. They go ahead, unceremonious, but for the sake of friends and close people are ready to roll any mountains.

Lada - that's the name of the Slavic goddess of harmony andbeauty. Thanks to the energy of the name, its owners are very fond of themselves, self-confident, spoiled and even selfish. If they find the strength to become a little softer and more tolerant of others, then their life will be the best.

Regina - similar to the name of Vasilisa, it means "queen", but in Latin. They are resolute, independent, energetic women with tremendous willpower.

Of course, in one article it's impossible to tell aboutall rare female names with their meanings, so we'll just list a few more to make the choice more. So, your daughter can be called: Dina, Inga, Inessa, Hilaria, Clara, Lydia, Milan, Hope, Rimma, Roxana, Sabina, Serafima, Stella, Taisia, Uliana, Ella, Emma, ​​Emilia, Julia, Yaroslav. And the day is not far off when today's rare female names will no longer be so rare. And, perhaps, one day among Anastasia, Pauline, Elizabeth and Sophia you will hear the name Natalia and think: "Wow, what a rare name!"


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