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Names for "H": history and meanings

The name is the most important word for every person withbirth. It has long been proven that it has an influence on certain character traits. Let's find out how human names were formed in antiquity and consider the names for "H".

A bit of history

The name that was given to a person at birth in the oldtimes, could consist of two or more words. In all civilizations, to give each person the name of a person was an obligatory rule. They were associated with historical culture and everyday features. The names on the "H" most often characterized the objects, called this letter.

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Any word that was in use among the people couldused by others as an appeal to another person. Often already adult people were called the second name, the one that most characterized the actions of the called. For example: fast, cheerful, mighty and so on. The name was his brief characteristic. It was given to a person to be able to address him and talk about him with others.

From this it follows that each name has its own prehistory and its significance.

Female names on the "H"

What are the meanings of the names? Consider the common names for "H" for women.

1. Hope - the name spread to Russia with Orthodoxy. In translation from the Greek "elpis" - "hope." The name characterizes the woman patient, sympathetic and purposeful.

2. Natalia - in translation from Latin "native". By the nature of Natalia emotional, impulsive, fair and benevolent.

3. Nelly is a diminutive form of the name Elena. Nelli is characterized as a sensitive, emotional and artistic person.

4. Nina is an Assyrian name. Means "queen" or "lady". By nature, Nina is diligent, energetic and practical.

5. Nora is a diminutive name from Eleanor. By nature Norahs are independent in everything, resolute and purposeful.

6. Nastya (full - Anastasia) - the name is of Russian origin. Nastia is calm and sanity.

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Let's sum up the results

The role of a name in life is invaluably great. All good and bad deeds are made public by the personal name of a person.

We reviewed the most popular women's in Russianames on "N" and found out that basically people who wear them have emotional and energetic qualities. Hence, this letter carries in itself some meaning and special energy. Therefore, before you name a child, you should think carefully and read the meanings of the names. After all, as the well-known saying goes, "As a ship you will name, so it will float."


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