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Victoria Bonya before and after lip plasty

From the very beginning of her career on televisionthe appearance of Victoria Boni does not give rest to the public. Is it really so hard to believe in the true beauty of a girl in the period of modern plastic surgery technologies? The public accuses the young woman of being unnatural and compares the photos, where, in her opinion, Victoria Bona is depicted before and after the plasty. They really are different. And this is not difficult to see by looking at the pictures presented in this article.

Victoria Bonya before plastics

It's no secret that now passingthe ticket to the TV screen is the exterior. Girls of the whole world are striving for the ideal parameters of the modern idea of ​​beauty. If earlier plastic surgery was available only to the chosen owners of a thick purse, now it is now possible to easily correct all the shortcomings of any desired average citizen. To distinguish true beauty and "made" is almost impossible. But everything is known in comparison.

victoria bonya before and after plastics

Victoria Bonya first appeared on the famoussite of the popular show "Dom-2" and conquered everyone with its unearthly beauty, ideal parameters. The first thing that the TV viewers paid attention to is the girl's lips. They were very plump and sexy. Lips, unlike the natural ones, caused a real surge of emotion among the fans of the project. With a thorough search for information, the fans still managed to find pictures of Victoria Bony before plastic. This is a very young girl. Bony herself completely denied any interference with her appearance and claimed that her plump lips were inherited from her mother. Over time, the passions around the show's participants subsided. But after Victoria left telecast and started working on television, there were more questions about her appearance.

A little bit about personal

Victoria is a real Cinderella whobegan her life in poverty, and eventually married the prince and left the country with him. Victoria never dreamed that she would become such a popular person. She was born and brought up in an incomplete family. The future television show appeared on November 27, 1979. According to the star, her family lived very poorly. Sometimes their house even lacked food. At 16, the girl decided to come to Moscow in the hope of realizing her true dream. For a long time she worked as a waitress, but due to her appearance on Victoria, men often paid attention. Having passed the hard way, Victoria decided to go to the casting of the famous project, which later became for her an initial step to a beautiful life.

She was recognized on the street and invited tophotoshoot. It is also worth noting that she owes her long stay to the project one of the strongest participants - Stepan Menshikov. But the fans, considering the photos, where Victoria Bony was captured before and after the plastic, doubt that the girl is what it really is. They are sure that when a woman came to Moscow, she had patrons who sponsored her changes. In the photo, which depicts Victoria Bony in her youth, it is clearly seen that she did not have such plump lips at that time. In any case, the girl changed.

4 operations?

Photographs of Victoria Bona before andafter plastics, have become a real shock for Internet users. Doubts that the girl has made herself a breast does not remain. Fans of the actress began to argue that Victoria Bonya, whose parameters before the show did not fit into the current appearance of the star, today look just perfect.

victoria bonya to plastics

Although Victoria herself denies everything, journalists andfamous plastic surgeons find more and more evidence of dishonesty teledivy. So, the eyes of the reporters caught photos of Bonnie, where the effects of the operation on the eyelids are clearly visible. Also, in some photographs, the corrected shape of the nose is noticeable. Frustration fans did not have a limit. A long-term belief in the true beauty of the girl from the remote area collapsed like a house of cards.

Shocking Lip Photo

Victoria Bonya, whose lips already becamea real discussion center, added oil to the fire, laying out a photo of her swollen company. The girl complained to the fans about the insect, which shamelessly dared to bite the TV host for this part of the face.

victoria bona in youth

The public has pounced on Victoria withaccusation of abuse of the Botex and began to distribute the photo to all sorts of sites. But, fortunately, by the evening Victoria's appearance had acquired normal features.

Whom to believe?

Despite the fact that the photos, where it is imprintedVictoria Bonya before and after plastics, still walk on the Internet, there is no exact answer to the question yet. Was the procedure carried out? Opinions differed. Victoria herself claims that there were no serious interventions in her appearance. Like, this is all fiction of the press and ill-wishers.

victoria smeared lips

According to Victoria, she did eyebrow tattoos andlips to highlight the main features of the face. And for the fact that she looks amazing, a woman thanks genes and regular visits to cosmetologists and masseurs. No matter how many rumors go around the famous TV presenter, she is still considered the most beautiful and sexy secular lioness of Russia.


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