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Library. Meaning of the word, etymology, spelling

To properly use lexemes, you need to know their definitions. The "library" is no exception. The meaning of the word, its etymology and spelling will be discussed in this article.

Etymology of the lexeme

To understand the meaning of any word,it is necessary to understand its origin: in what language originated, as used. In this respect it is interesting to see where the word "library" came from.

library meaning of a word

Its etymology originates from the Greeklanguage, consists of the token in question from two roots: "bibli" and "tekos". The first is translated as a "book", the second is a "repository". It turns out that in the literal sense - this is a book depository or a collection of books.

Lexical meaning of a word

"Library" has several definitions in which it is used by native speakers of the Russian language:

  • The institution, whose main tasks are to collect,to keep printed or written works, to provide people with access to them, to conduct bibliographic and reference work. The library happens, for example, public, art, children's.
  • Collection of books or any other printed works and the place where they are stored. For example, a home library.
  • The book series, which is united by a theme, a genre, an appointment is a travel library.

sentence with the word library

The word under consideration hasdiminutive-caress form - "library", used in the same values ​​as the original lexeme. Derivatives will be words such as "librarian" - a person who works in the institution with the same name, and "bibliophile" - amateur and collector of printed works.

"Library" (the meaning of the word was considered above) is a dictionary lexeme, therefore it is recommended to use it in sentences, aphorisms and poems to memorize spelling.

Examples for spelling words

The Lexeme "library" is a dictionary unit,is written in two letters "and" and one "o". To better remember the spelling of a word, it must be used in sentences with other lexemes having the same vowel sounds, in interesting aphorisms and verses.

As an example, we can citesentence with the word "library": "The biology quiz was held in the library". The use of lexical lexemes with the same dubious letters within one sentence allows you to learn the spelling of two words at once.

where did the word library come from

Remember spelling through interestingaphorisms with a lexeme "library". The meaning of the word will help you to understand what the phrase says. The sayings with the lexical unit under consideration are in VG Belinskii, AI Herzen, G. Leibniz. Another effective and fascinating way of remembering is poems. Poetic works with the lexeme in question are in T. Blazhnova, T. Bokova.

Thus, to understand the use andyou need to know what a "library" is: the meaning of a word, its etymology. In addition, it is necessary to remember about spelling, for better remembering, it is recommended to write this lexical unit into various sentences, aphorisms, verses.


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