/ Who are the nymphets? Meaning of the word

Who are the nymphets? Meaning of the word

Who are the nymphets?These are teenage girls, who differ in sexual attractiveness and behavior from their peers. The most widespread in the masses this expression has received after the appearance of the acclaimed novel by Vladimir Nabokov "Lolita", where in detail scenes of erotic and sexual character are described.

According to one of the definitions, nymphet (photo below) -these are girls with pronounced signs of premature (early) sexual development. Other interpretations of this word can mean the following: a youngster, a coquettish girl of modest kind, a minor girl of easy virtue, a sensitive and experienced girl, a "sex-dependent" youngster.

Who are the nymphets?

Nymphet - the meaning of a word

Nymphs (translated from the ancient Greek language -"Bride") is a concept from ancient Greek mythology, where girls see the personification of uncontrolled forces, notable in the form of a murmur of a creek, the growth of trees and the flowering of flowers in the territory of wild forests and mountains. Proceeding from this connotation, the concept of "nymphetka" was born. However, many do not fully understand who are the nymphets? These are sexually attractive adolescent girls who started earlier, but incomplete puberty. Some sources say that they are fully aware of their attractiveness, therefore their behavior is characterized by excessive coquetry.

Nymphet meaning of a word

Interpretation based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov "Lolita"

The main character of the work of the novel Humbert is oftenused a word like a nymphet. So he described the young girls who awakened his sexual attraction to them. In one of his monologues, he said that some girls between the ages of nine and fourteen often fascinated adult men (older themselves two or more times) with their appearance and behavior. On the part of men, he describes this attraction, as a kind of demonic power - "nymphic." Proceeding from these considerations, the hero decides in the future to refer to them as "nymphettes". According to Humbert, not every young girl can be called that, which is quite logical. Who such a nymphet, he determined for himself. Traditional for his own imagination the embodiment of such a girl, he considers Dolores Haze (the main heroine of the novel), which he later called Lolita.

Who are the nymphets? Use of the word in society and other references in the literature

In the modern world, the name "Lolita" is used ascommon and is an alternative word for "nymphet", that is, it is used as a synonym. And the age limits of this concept began to be defined much more widely than in the work of Vladimir Nabokov. Most often the word "nymphet" is used to determine the age category of the female.

In the foreign literature the expression "nymphetka"meets in the poem of British contemporary Shakespeare Michael Drayton "Poly-Olibion." There this term is used for a poetic description of the geographical sights of Great Britain, where the nymphet is a small nymph.

About the nymphets

In the history of world practice, a suitable femalethe age for marriage among different peoples was appointed in different ways. In some of the most ancient states, the legal age for girls was from ten to twelve. However, this is also the case in the modern world, in particular, in the Eastern countries. All these facts lead to negative consequences of the fate and life of young girls.

From the point of view of specialists

Modern medicine says that sexualattraction to children who have an adulterant or early puertant age is a testament to a disorder of sexual preference (pedophilia syndrome). The diagnostic criteria are divided into the following classifications of the disorder: attraction to the pre-declarative age category (children under twelve years of age) and ICD-10 (international classification of diseases of the 10th revision) to children and adolescents under fourteen. The overwhelming number of specialists argue that "true pedophilia" should be distinguished from imperfect pedophile goals, which in society abound.

Nymphet pictures

What pedophiles say about nymphets

Caught by pedophiles often come to reasoning aboutthe hero of the novel "Lolita", trying to justify the perfect actions. At the same time, some people are not pedophiles at all, because their sexual preference is not directed to children in a priority way. According to the famous psychotherapist Richard Snowdon, men convicted of incest, often respond about their victims in the manner of the hero from Nabokov's novel, calling them "nymphettes" or "Lolites." Humbert also attributed the demonic power to the little girls, shifting responsibility for their actions to their victims.


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