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Disc milling cutter: advantages, features of choice and use

The disk milling cutter is used for machiningmetal products: cutting, forming grooves and grooves. You can use it both in production and at home. The present element is installed most often on a special machine.

disk mill

Advantages of disc milling machines and their use

This product has a huge mass of advantages, such as:

  • functionality (thanks to the different shape of the circles you can handle almost any metal);
  • practicality (since the material from whichthe cutter is made, it is very high-quality, and the part itself is quite strong, then the circle can work for a long time without additional sharpening);
  • durability (break disk disc mill is very rare);
  • acceptable price;
  • wide prevalence (you can purchase an item in any industrial goods store).

As for the spheres of use, they are sufficienta lot of. For example, a disc mill is used in the industry (making various products), laying communication pipes (for cutting material), for making holes and grooves in metal workpieces.

disk cutting disc for metal

Varieties of milling cutters

It should be noted that the productcan be classified according to different parameters. For example, the elements differ in the shape and size of the teeth: straight, screwed and multidirectional. Their number can vary from 4 to 12 pieces. This often determines the speed of the machine.

In addition, we can distinguish such mills:

  • bilateral;
  • three-sided;
  • grooved.

In the first two varieties the teeth are on the cylindrical surface and at the ends. With regard to the groove cutter, the important parameter of the product is its width.

Also it is possible to select other types of these products. For example, a disk milling cutter is designed for the manufacture of internal and external threads. Their step is determined by the features of the structure of the disk.

For cutting metals and alloys of differentdensity and strength are used elements of high-speed steel. They are made of a very durable material, which has a high degree of sharpness. During the application, the element can work for a long time without additional grinding.

Carbide disk milling cutters provide high-quality metal processing, and they can serve long enough.

carbide circular milling cutters

Features of work with this product

No special rules or recommendations forthere is no application of these mills. Naturally, it is necessary to observe extra care during their operation. A feature of such elements is that each tooth on the circle works very short time. This milling and is different from other types of cutting operations.

Another feature of the cutters is that during operation they do not damage the workpiece being processed. Also, each tooth cuts shavings of different thickness.

Disc cutting disc for metal is usedfor processing various types of steel. The diameter of the elements in this case ranges from 16 to 62 cm. The thickness of the disk can be 1-6 mm. Naturally, an important parameter of the elements presented is their coverage, which makes it possible to use a circle for different jobs, while its surface is protected from damage and corrosion.


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