/ / Do not hit the dirt face: the meaning of phraseology, origin, synonyms and antonyms

Do not hit the dirt face: the value of phraseology, origin, synonyms and antonyms

The Russian language is full of beautiful phraseological units. They decorate speech, make it richer and more diverse.

Phraseological units are stable combinations of words that carry one common meaning. Such phrases can not be divided into parts, diluted in other words, otherwise they lose their meaning.

Most phraseological units can not be understood without knowing their origin. In this article you will learn not only the meaning of the phraseology "not to hit the dirt in the face, "but also its origin.

Meaning and origin

The expression "smack in the face" means"to show oneself unworthy, to blunder, to dishonor". Accordingly, the meaning of the phraseology "not to hit the dirt in the face" is to prove yourself in the best way, not to overshoot.

the meaning of phraseology is not to hit the dirt face

Where did this interesting stable expression come from? It is believed that it came to us from the folk Russian speech.

The phrase is associated with wrestling competitions.A stronger participant in the match fell on the ground weaker. The latter fell face straight into the mud, as the ring did not exist, and under the feet of the wrestlers nothing was stolen.


"Do not hit the dirt face" can be replaced by other phraseological units. Consider several synonyms of this winged phrase:

  • "Do not get in a puddle." We used to hear the phrase "sit in a puddle" in the sense of "disgraceful", but its use with negation is also possible.
  • "Do not be disgraced" is an obsolete word that is used in the sense of "not to force oneself to be ashamed of one's deed".

do not smack in the face with a synonym

Phraseology has much more antonyms:

  • "To give a swing", that is "not to get to the point, to make out". This expression comes from the word "miss".
  • "Giving a bobble" is used in the same meaning as "give a blow."
  • "Get in a galosh," that is, "be in an awkward position."
  • "Sit in a puddle" - find yourself in an awkward position; fail.
  • "To chop firewood" is to make a foolish mistake.
  • "Get in trouble" - become a subject of discussion, having committed a stupid act.

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