/ / "From the pot two vershoka": the meaning of phraseology, its etymology

"Two pots from a pot": the meaning of phraseology, its etymology

Устойчивые выражения характеризуют различные characters and features. Thanks to them, it's easy to mark even the distinctive parameters of a person. For example, using the expression "two pots from a pot". The meaning of phraseology, for sure, is known to many. Nevertheless, we will consider it and note not only the interpretation, but also the origin of the expression. Also we will select him close and opposite by definition words.

"Two pots from a pot": the meaning of phraseology

For a more precise definition of the expression, let us turn toto the explanatory dictionary SI Ozhegova and phraseological - Stepanova MI Sergey Ivanovich gives the following interpretation of phraseology when considering the word "top": "about who else is very small." He also noted that the expression is playful and is used in conversational style.

from the pot two verses the meaning of phraseology in one word

In a phraseological dictionary, the following definition is given: "very short stature (about a person)". It is noted that the expression is vernacular and joking.

Thus, it can be concluded that both linguists have brought similar definitions to the stable combination of the words "from the pot two versts". The meaning of phraseology in one word is small.

The origin of expression

The etymology of phraseology is associated with the smallestunit of the Russian metric system - top. It is 4.4 cm. It can be found in various stable combinations of words. In them, this measure is used to refer to what is very close. For example, be on top of death, be on top of sin, etc.

The expression we are considering does not have a specific author. This folk saying, which has become popular and has survived to this day.

The top was the yardstick of a person's growth.However, it should be noted that arshins were used for this. As a rule, people were measured as follows. To two arshins, and this is 144 cm, they added vertices, and called exactly the number of vertices that were added to these 144 cm. Suppose a person's height was 153 cm. In that case, they said that there were 2 vertices in it.

from the pot two vershok meaning phraseology antonym

Such were the features of measurement in Russia. Hence the expression "two pots from a pot".

The meaning of phraseology and its etymology, we considered. Let's choose him close and opposite in interpretation words and combinations of words.

Synonyms and antonyms

For the selection of words to the expression "from the pot twovershka "the meaning of phraseology plays a big role. As we noted, this is a stable combination of small growth. So, you can choose the following synonyms for it: short, low, short, short, short. These adjectives reveal the definition of "from the pot two peaks", the meaning of phraseology.

The antonym for this expression is high. Opposite to the phraseology under consideration are also the following words and their combinations: from the Kolomna verst, the cap falls, tall, big, lanky.

from a pot two vershok meaning phraseology


The expression is used to denote a smallgrowth or child. It is used, as a rule, in the literature and the media. In journalism they use them as headlines, for example, in articles on the teaching of children to a pot. It turns out a certain word game to attract the attention of readers.

The expression is still popular. It is used in portable and even in direct values.


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