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Pipe for outdoor sewage: features

Pipe for outdoor sewerage at the momentmost often made of polyvinyl chloride. This material has proved itself quite well in many industries. It greatly facilitates the weight of the product, which positively affects the convenience during transportation and packing. Absolute resistance of PVC pipes to corrosion is also an important factor.

pipe for external sewerage

Pipe for outdoor sewer from PVC canbe considered the optimal solution, since in this case there is a better "price-quality" ratio. Such pipelines are able to form a single system with the surrounding ground, which can absorb loads, has the property of self-cleaning, and the expansion coefficient in this case is very low. On the external sewer lay a much greater load than the internal, so the manufacture of pipes for it should be made of a polymer that has great strength. The walls of such pipes are made homogeneous, if the diameter is 110-200 millimeters, and three-layered, if the diameter is 250-500 millimeters. In the second case, the middle layer is made of foam material.

Sewer pipes for outdoor sewerage
Pipe for outdoor sewage may well bemade of asbestos-cement, cast iron, polyethylene. The first type has such advantages as cheapness and reliability, but it is quite fragile, which can cause transportation problems. Polypropylene pipes can last more than half a century.

You can consider what are the pipessewer for external sewerage. Asbestos-cement is produced from asbestos fiber and Portland cement. Their weight is small enough, the strength is high, they remain smooth for a long time, thanks to which the throughput is preserved. Mounting them is very easy.

Pipe for external sewerage ceramicused not so often. However, in terms of performance, it is capable of even surpassing the cast iron. Such pipes are durable, well maintain the smoothness of the internal surface, are not affected by corrosive processes. A short length and fragility are their main shortcomings. A significant number of joints is unacceptable for long pipelines.

PVC pipes for outdoor sewerage

A classic option is cast-iron pipes.They are very reliable, have good mechanical and chemical strength. In the process of their installation, bell joints are used, which can guarantee reliable contact in the conditions of proper sealing. The big weight - here the most significant lack of such pipes, essentially complicating process of their installation. If it is a question of stacking a system of large diameter, then there is no way to cope without the use of special lifting equipment.

PVC pipes for outdoor sewage are most often used. This option has a lot of advantages:

  • relatively low cost;
  • simplicity of installation;
  • chemical resistance;
  • durability.

All these qualities and made this option the most suitable for various purposes.


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