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Rasputin Gregory: Interesting Facts, Predictions

No, and there was no man in Russia, sointeresting and mysterious at the same time, as Rasputin Grigory. Interesting facts from his life, and most importantly, the incredible story of his death are known, probably, to every schoolboy. However, scientists every year discover new facts, learn about new skills and unusual abilities of this person. Therefore, we will study everything that is known about this contradictory figure.

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Unknown elder

Less than a year before the October Revolution,killed the protégé of the royal family, their confessor and healer - Rasputin. The facts of his death make one think about his life each person. But the life of the old man was completely unusual.

A person known by this name was born inPokrovskoye village in the Tyumen province. The exact year of the birth of Rasputin is unknown, since different sources call different dates. His parents were peasants and bore the surname of the New. Why did Gregory change it? Yes, because in the village he was known as a member of the orgies and drunken debauches. He was remembered as an unpleasant person with a piercing gaze, nervous movements and slovenly clothes. His fellow villagers paid attention to his prayers with like-minded people over an iron tripod with a sacrifice, jumping through fire and fornication.

Rasputin Gregory, interesting facts about whichstudy to this day, in childhood a lot of sick. And the faith in God found after the pilgrimage to Verkhoturye monastery. Then he made a trip to Athos in Greece, in Jerusalem, traveled to the holy places of Russia. He married a peasant Praskovie, who bore him a son and two daughters.

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Sex and Prayer

According to some sources, it is very strangewas Rasputin. Facts because the thing is stubborn. Among the elder's admirers there were many secular ladies who were ready to go to him to the remote Siberia. Grigory himself urged the ladies to enter into sexual relations with him, explaining that they purged themselves of their sins by giving them to him. And he purged himself of the sins of his own by means of repentance, because if a man stumbles, he does not need to repent. And without repentance - you will not be closer to God. He prayed for hours before the icons, broke his forehead, killed his flesh, and then again led a wild life.

Relationship with the royal family

The newspapers of that time were literally filledstories of carousing, but the royal court considered him a saint and promoted him in everything. The favorite of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna was Rasputin. Interesting facts from the biography say that only he trusted his children and the sick heir to the throne. The antics of the old man, she explained the rumors of ill-wishers and called him a friend and God's messenger. He was consulted about appointing someone to important positions. There were rumors that there was a connection between the Empress and Gregory, which the Emperor was not at all pleased. Perhaps, with his blessing, there was a conspiracy against the holy-swindler.

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Rasputin Grigory: interesting facts about the death

The plot was organized by Prince Felix Yusupov, the husbandthe niece of the emperor. He invited Grigory to dinner, during which the elder was served food, stuffed with cyanide. But to the surprise, the poison did not affect the guest. Then Rasputin was fired, but at least the wound was strong, he did not die. The old man tried to escape, but the bullet pointed him off the ground. The conspirators attacked and tied Gregory, stuck it in a sack and threw it into the river. Then an autopsy will show that he was still alive and even untied the ropes. But I could not get out of the bag.

The body of the contradictory elder was buried in the park inTsarskoe Selo, but removed from the land after the February Revolution. They wanted to burn him, but in the fire the corpse took a sitting position, which even more frightened those present.

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Gregory the Prophet

Many abilities were owned by Rasputin Gregory.Interesting facts: the predictions made by him, come true! They say that the elder knew about the future death of the royal family, about the revolution and the change of order, about the thousands of dead aristocrats. He predicted that on a certain day after his death the Tsarevich Alexei would get very sick, and, surprisingly, everything had come true. He foresaw his own death and the fate of the Russian crown, and even accidents at nuclear power plants.

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He also spoke of terrible cataclysms,earthquakes, the decline of morality and morality, the cloning of people and the dangers of these experiences, predicted a third world war, more terrible than the first two, and the world after that. But this world is scorched by the blood of millions of innocents. I would very much like that these predictions of Rasputin never come true.

Rasputin Grigory: interesting facts from biography

Is it worth saying that he was a personuncommon. But in addition to acting talent, he still had extraordinary abilities. Perhaps he mastered the art of hypnosis, was a medium. The only surviving daughter of Grigory, Matryona, later recalled that his father used a lot of alcohol, had connections with different women. But since her husband was BN. Soloviev, a member of the Masonic lodge, she could quite conceal the truth. At the same time she spoke very gently of her father, admitted that she loved him and still loves him. In Russia her book was repeatedly reprinted under the name "Rasputin. Why?".

The denigration of the tsar's confessor and the approximate one wasadvantageous to the Soviet power. There is a version that the Bolsheviks, who then enjoyed increasing popularity, could put their hand to Grigory's death. He was, after all, feared no less than the ones who hated others and loved others.

Interesting facts about Rasputin:taking a large dose of poison along with the food on that fateful evening and washing it down with wine (which should enhance the effect of cyanide potassium), the holy elder did not die. Perhaps the poison has become harmless from the sugar that the cookies have sprinkled, or maybe it was stored incorrectly, so it lost its strength. But he knew about his quick demise, since a note was found in the pocket of his sheepskin coat, in which it was said that the peasants could kill him, then there was nothing threatening the monarchy in the country. But if his blood is shed by aristocrats, then the emperor's family will not survive and the monarchy will fall.

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After himself Grigory Rasputin, interesting facts from the life of which we study, left two books and a lot of predictions. They were written down from his words, since the old man himself was illiterate.

The murderers of Gregory escaped severe punishment.This leads to the idea that the conspirators acted with the permission of the emperor. Yusupov was deported to his father's estate in the Kursk province, and Dmitry Pavlovich was transferred to Persia.

After the February Revolution, it became known thatPrincess Elizabeth Feodorovna the abbesses of the monasteries came a few days after the death of Rasputin. They told us that on the night of the murder of the holy old man, incredible things happened in the monasteries. Brothers and sisters experienced fits of insanity, gave out wild cries, blasphemered during the service.

So who is Rasputin - a saint, a prophet or a swindler? The question remains open.


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