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Learn the definitions: synonyms, antonyms, homonyms

What makes our speech rich and colorful?Use of various artistic and grammatical techniques. In this article we will consider the following definitions: antonyms, synonyms, homonyms. What do they mean and what are they used for in speech?

Vocabulary and lexicology

Vocabulary is the entire vocabulary of a single language. If we usually talk and write in Russian, then we use the vocabulary of the Russian language.

The science that studies the vocabulary of the language,is lexicology. The basic unit of study of this branch of knowledge is the word and its meanings. Consequently, this science does not leave out the definitions: synonym, antonym and homonym.

Definition of a synonym

Angry, cruel, unkind, inhumane - synonyms. And what is it? The definition of a "synonym" is very simple. These are words that have the same or almost the same meaning.

synonym definition

What synonyms mean in the sense of smalldifferences, helps to give something the most accurate definitions. With the help of synonyms, you can colorfully, avoiding repetition, describe any event. Synonyms can be chosen almost to any word that makes sense, regardless of the part of speech.


  • house - dwelling - cottage - apartment - cottage - building - shelter - shelter - roof overhead - housing;
  • bribe - bribe - bribery - mugger;
  • eyes - eyes - zenki - peepers - belima - balls;
  • friend - friend - buddy - kent.


  • old - old - old - middle-aged;
  • stupid - stupid - stupid - unthinkable;
  • sad - sad - depressed - dull - not happy;
  • surprised - amazed - dumbfounded.


  • to run - to sweep;
  • listen - listen;
  • ask - ask - ask - ask a question;
  • disappear - disappear - hide - get lost.


  • good - excellent - great - great;
  • quickly - quickly - soon - headlong;
  • bad - bad - it does not matter;
  • loud - noisy.

The antonym

In addition to the definition of "synonym", in the vocabulary of the Russian language there are antonyms - words with opposite meanings. By the way, the antonyms belong to one part of speech.

How do you think, are the words antonyms delicious and lonely? No, they are not, because "antonym" implies opposing words only on one basis.

definition of synonyms antonyms homonyms


  • health is a disease;
  • female Male;
  • love is hate;
  • the heat is cold;
  • warmth - coolness;
  • mind is nonsense;
  • loss is a godsend.


  • agitated - calm;
  • nervous - balanced;
  • virtual - real;
  • wide narrow;
  • rare - frequent;
  • strong - weak;
  • cunning - naive.


  • to continue - to cease;
  • start-finish;
  • lead - obey;
  • sell - buy;
  • ask - answer;
  • dig out - bury;
  • to earn - to spend.


  • good bad;
  • deliberately - inadvertently;
  • right wrong;
  • fine - awful;
  • internally - in absentia;
  • sweetly - bitterly;
  • fast slow.


Homonyms are the words of twins.

definition synonym
However, we should not confuse the meaning of this concept with the definition of a synonym. They are only written and pronounced identically, but they mean completely different things.

A modern person who hears or readsnoun "key", most likely imagine a key from the door lock; but, for example, the elder, who lives as a hermit somewhere in a forest hut, will think that there is a spring that is beating from under the earth.

Compare the offers:

  1. They noticed a club of smoke rising above the forest. Girls, do we go to the club after the lectures?
  2. On his birthday Kohl was given a fee. I wonder what kind of taxi the taxi is now?
  3. Sorry, I can not come, I'm flying to Turkey in the evening. I work as a veterinarian, I treat animals.
  4. The illusionist showed a simple trick. The photographer could not bring focus.

So, we have sorted out a few basiclexical concepts: synonym, antonym, homonym. All of them play a significant role in the language: their use in oral and written speech makes it more beautiful, richer and brighter, and we are eloquent.


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