/ What is a crater? The meaning of the word "crater"

What is a crater? The meaning of the word "crater"

The article deals with the meaning of the word "crater", tells about what craters are, and gives the reasons for their occurrence.


the meaning of the word crater

We all heard a word like a crater.Most often it is used in relation to volcanoes, or rather their peaks, where craters are formed. But they are not only volcanic, their kinds and we will disassemble. To begin with it is necessary to understand the origin of this word.

This word, like many other of those,which we use in modern times, has ancient roots. According to the encyclopedia, it is of ancient Greek origin. In Latin it sounds like a crater, and in ancient Greek - κρατήρ.

It means a special form of relief on the surface of the earth or the top of a mountain. Also, analyzing the meaning of the word "crater", it is worth mentioning that they are not only on our planet. But first things first.


As already mentioned, most often, mentioningcrater, have in mind its volcanic variety. This is a funnel-shaped depression on the top or slope of a volcanic cone. The size varies from a few tens to hundreds of meters, with depth the same. They are formed as a result of volcanic eruptions. At the bottom of them there is one or several vents, through which lava and other products of the eruption come to the surface. So now we know the meaning of the word "crater".


Craters can also arise as a result ofthe fall of meteorites, such are called percussion. After the collision and disintegration of the meteoritic body, deep funnels remain at this site. Dozens of meteorites fall on our planet every day, but some burn in the atmosphere, and the other is too small to form craters. From ancient times to the present, only a few large craters have survived, one of which, according to scientists, remained after the meteorite that destroyed the dinosaurs.


what is a crater

There are also craters on the Moon.Due to the lack of atmosphere, precipitation and strong tectonic changes, many craters have accumulated on the surface of our satellite, the largest of them can even be seen with the naked eye.


After particularly powerful explosions, for example nuclear,too, there are deep craters. Naturally, if the explosion was grounded. But in the case of air undermining, the formation of funnels is also possible, it all depends on the height and power of the charge.


So, we figured out what a crater is. By the way, a crater in the same ancient Greece called a special vessel for mixing drinking liquids.


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