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The meaning of the word "dumb" is different

The meaning of the word "dumb" is very unpredictablefirst glance. It turns out that there are a lot of possible definitions of this concept. After all, after the main meaning of the word began to be transferred to other spheres of human life, it became multivalued. This article will consider what the main meaning of this term exists.


Meaning of the word dumb

All people sooner or later face fear.In some, it becomes pathological in nature. This physiological and emotional state is natural, as it helps to survive a person not only in natural conditions, but also in a megacity. And the meaning of the word "dumb" in the most general sense characterizes any negative emotional manifestations of a person, most often it is fear.


The word "dumb" means that an objectis perceived by another person as negative. For example, it could be a bad mobile phone, a car. At many girls the phrase "a dumb dress" also causes a number of unpleasant feelings. But sometimes they also express themselves about their apparel when it's time to buy a new one. In general, this expression is common, it entered into widespread use of the jargon of representatives of the counterculture or even anti-culture. For example, so often expressed are the so-called Gopnik - street criminals. For example, in many comedy films, the following words are often written into the script: "Yes, Th, bro? This is a dumb mob."


The meaning of the word dumb girl

There is also talk of fear, onlyconcerning uncertainty. For example, you can hear the "dumb peasant". He may not cause any harm, but his eyes are so mysterious that they really cause fear that a person can not cope with. This is the interesting meaning of the word "dumb". All that we do not know, can scare us. This is the nature of man.

Another interesting interpretation of this concept

Many people often ask the meaning of the word"the dumb girl". In this sense, this word appears as a synonym for the word "ugly." Although this concept can be interpreted and for the points listed above. For example, if a girl has a suspicious appearance, then she can be scary because of suspense, and if she also has a pistol in her hand, so in general one must run away. Stremno is always bad. Although sometimes this word is used and in a positive sense. For example, in some subcultures this concept means the approval of something. But most people do not understand this.


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